New Study Links Oral Health to Lifelong Wellness: Key Findings

Beverly Hills, CA (November 2024) – In recent years, studies have shown that poor oral hygiene is indicative of poor overall health. Because the mouth can be a barometer for the condition of the body, researchers have been closely examining if maintaining good oral health can decrease a person’s risk of more severe diseases and complications as they age. Looking specifically at tooth scaling, a new report highlights that this assertion may be correct. The study revealed that people who had a full mouth or localized tooth scaling had lower occurrences of various cardiovascular problems.

Top Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh comments, “While the exact cause of this relationship is still being uncovered, the proof that maintaining a healthy mouth may help to keep a person’s body healthy over time is exciting. This reinforces the importance of regular dental visits.”

New Study Links Oral Health to Lifelong Wellness Key FindingsLed by H-B. Leu of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the study was the culmination of over 20,000 participants and 7 years of work. The findings were published in the American Journal of Medicine. Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database, the cohort was limited to those 50 and older. The group compared 10,887 individuals who had received either localized or full-mouth tooth scaling against 10,989 other individuals who had not received any tooth scaling. Tooth scaling is also known as deep cleaning of the mouth to remove plaque and decay from the teeth to keep more serious problems like periodontitis at bay. Researchers tracked the subjects for an average of 7 years and determined that those who underwent a tooth scaling procedure had a marked lower incidence of stroke, myocardial infarction, and other cardiovascular conditions.

In addition to this, subjects who increased the frequency of tooth scaling procedures further decreased their risk of the above-mentioned cardiovascular events compared to those who were not exposed to tooth scaling procedures. Though this research is illuminating, the exact causes of this relationship are still not entirely known.

As a pioneer of revolutionary dental techniques including a lip-lowering treatment to fix a gummy smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is at the pinnacle of advanced oral wellness. He is a specialist in periodontal and cosmetic procedures for both adults and children. “Because maintaining good oral health habits in adulthood is cemented in childhood, this research further reinforces the importance of regular dental visits. It could keep one healthier throughout their entire lives.”

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