You love to laugh and smile when you are with your friends, on a date, at a party or watching a movie, but lately, you have become more and more self-conscious about the way you look when smile and laugh. You have noticed that you seek to show a lot of gum tissue when you smile in the mirror. Even if others have never mentioned it to you, you feel like they are aware of it as well and this makes you smile less and even go out in social situations less. Instead of withdrawing into yourself, you should take steps forward to do something about it. You can rid yourself of that gummy smile in Los Angeles when you come to see us at the Total Smile.

Stop Hiding Your Smile

It is natural that you might feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks when you feel something is not quite right with it. However, you need to know that you are not alone in the situation (millions of others deal with a gummy smile as well) and that there is treatment available to you that can change your outlook and your smile. At the Total Smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh specializes in gum issues, particularly gummy smile. He has developed a unique treatment that goes beyond the primary options of the past, which included a detailed surgery of your jaw to correct the issue and could lead to very painful recovery.

A Better Alternative

The procedure developed by Dr. Farnoosh for the treatment of a gummy smile in Los Angeles involves a unique lip lowering procedure as opposed to painful surgical methods. The upper lip gets repositioned so that less of your gum line is exposed when you smile. The technique is much less invasive and only requires a local anesthetic for you. Your recovery time is much faster than from surgical methods, and there is easier healing and a lot less pain for you.

Explore the Best Option

If you are ready to rid yourself of that gummy smile in Los Angeles, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at the Total Smile to arrange for a consultation. You may contact our office at 310-657-0503 to set everything up so you can come in and meet Dr. Farnoosh and discuss the best treatment for you personally. You can get the treatment and know you have the confident, beautiful smile you love to share.

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