You have probably heard plenty of times in the past that your smile is one of your best assets. No matter how often you hear this, however, you do not feel that way about your smile. You have never been very happy with how your smile looks and feel that there is something off about it. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror you see a smile that shows nothing but gum tissue and little teeth, making you feel embarrassed about how your smile looks. Instead of trying to hide your smile all the time, you can take steps to change how it looks. With the help of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, the gummy smile specialist in Beverly Hills, you can make your smile into one that you are proud to display.

The Issues of a Gummy Smile

There are many people that also deal with what is known as a gummy smile besides you. Generally caused by genetics, gummy smile leads to an excess amount of gum tissue showing when you smile, obscuring your teeth. While there is not a medical problem associated with this, many people want to do something about it for cosmetic reasons and to boost their own confidence and self-esteem. Having a smile that looks nice and shows your teeth properly will make you feel happier and better about yourself.

Turning to an Expert

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is a true expert gummy smile specialist in Beverly Hills. Dr. Farnoosh has pioneered several gum treatments over the years and has helped patients around the world overcome the issues of a gummy smile. Dr. Farnoosh introduced a revolutionary lip lowering procedure that repositions the upper lip to help hide more of the gum tissue and display your smile properly. The procedure is minimally invasive, and there is no painful recovery to deal with as there often is with other surgical options used for treatment.

Speak with Our Office

You can get the help of a true gummy smile specialist in Beverly Hills when you contact the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh. You can give our office a call at 310-657-0503 to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation with Dr. Farnoosh. Take the first steps towards creating the beautiful smile you have longed for so you can feel better about yourself and display your radiant smile to the world.

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