When you have problems with your gum line in LA, you need a top-rated periodontist in Beverly Hills who can assist you with getting more control over your smile. A good gum line is the key to looking and feeling healthy. And is more likely to make you appealing to casting agents and the camera. Do you want to get treatment for gum problems? Including excessively dark gum lines, receding gums or a gummy smile. Then Dr. Farnoosh can help you solve your problem. A simple consultation can help him to uncover the problems with your smile, and to correct them, so visit The Total Smile today.

Thinning Or Receding Gums

Commonly seen in older people. This is a problem where the gum tissue becomes very thin, and starts to shrink back into the mouth. This can lead you to have a smile with teeth that look very large. And may even result in bone deterioration and loss of teeth. Receding gums look unattractive. And it may mean that you don’t smile as often in order to conceal your gum line. So, in order to find out how we can help you, you need to talk to our expert in gum treatment.
He is authorized to use a specialist pinhole grafting technique. It uses natural material to graft tissue back into the gum line and over the roots. This makes sure that the gum covers over the root of your teeth. This way, prevents pain and reduces the risk of tooth loss. Dr Farnoosh is certified in using this technique, and can help you with any receding gum issues.

Remove A Gummy Smile With The Help Of A Periodontist In Beverly Hills

Another common problem for visitors to The Total Smile is the gummy smile. This is where the gums are excessively exposed when you laugh or smile. Caused by the upper lip rising too far in the mouth, it can be humiliating for some people. It makes the patient self-conscious. In the past, this gum problem could only be treated with serious surgery. Nonetheless, modern dental techniques used by Dr Farnoosh means that we can help you to reduce your gum exposure. Without invasive surgery. A few simple incisions, carried out most often under local anesthetic. It means that you can correct your gummy smile and have more confidence when you smile or laugh. Dr Farnoosh is an expert in resolving these problems with your smile.

Periodontist in Beverly Hills

Come To Our Dentist Today

When you have problems with your mouth that involves your gum line, you need a specialist dentist who focuses upon treating your gum tissue. Whether you have too much gum, or too little, you can come to The Total Smile and get expert help from our specialist periodontist in Beverly Hills. With our help, you can recover your natural smile. Talk to us today about the treatments you need by arranging a complimentary consultation when you call (310) 928-1796 now.

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