When you think about what you notice first when you meet someone, you probably think of the way they smile. While you certainly notice how their teeth look, you may notice if something looks different about their gums. All this thought about how a smile looks can make you more self-aware of what your smile is like. You know that your gums look darker than what you see from your friends and co-workers, and the thought has you smiling less and less all the time. You have started to consider treatments available for dark gums. In fact, you may want to look at the various benefits and pros of going for gum bleaching over other procedures that exist.

Bleaching is Pain-Free

There are different treatment options to lighten your gums, and the most typical you will find available involve laser treatment or surgery. In either of these options, the treatment involves the removal of the dark gum tissue using lasers or by cutting the tissue away with a scalpel. Both scenarios can lead to pain after the procedure, making recovery difficult for you. With bleaching, there is no surgery involved. The whitening agent is applied to your gums and does the work, giving you a pain-free experience.
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Bleaching and Best Results

Gum bleaching, particularly the procedure we offer here at The Total Smile, also offers you better results than other procedures. It is not uncommon for people that undergo surgical or laser treatment to have to repeat the procedure several times in their lifetime. With our unique bleaching treatment, you can get permanent results that keep the dark pigmentation away, giving you the smile and gums that make you feel good.

Talk about Bleaching with Us

You can learn more about our gum bleaching techniques and what we can do for you at The Total Smile when you read the information provided here on our website. If you decide you want to speak with Dr. Alex Farnoosh, our periodontist and gum expert, you can call us to make an appointment at (310) 928-1796. Alternatively, if you prefer to send us a message with your question or inquiry, please use our online contact form. Fill it with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Make your smile one that you can enjoy again. Get the treatment that makes the difference to your gums!

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