The first time you noticed that you had dark gums, you may have been worried about them. You immediately may think that there is something wrong, and you may have a health problem. But the truth is that only a small percentage of people with dark gum tissue get them because of a serious medical or dental problem.

For most people, the gums are a result of genetics, medications they take, or even years of smoking. No matter what the reasons are for discolored gums, you likely feel self-conscious about them. And you may feel they will get noticed again and again by others. There are steps you can take to get rid of dark gums, with the most effective being the gum bleaching in Beverly Hills available from us at The Total Smile.

Laser Treatment for Gums in Los Angeles

The typical treatment in recent years for dark gums has been with the use of lasers. Lasers are used to cut away the dark tissue and reveal the pink tissue underneath. Many cosmetic dentists and periodontists turn to this as their method of choice, but the treatment does have its drawbacks. Relapse is quite common with laser treatment sometimes within as little as six months to a year. So you will have to have the process repeated. Also, laser treatments are generally done throughout several sessions. It can take weeks before your final treatment arrives and you are done.

Gum Bleaching is the Better Option

The gum bleaching in Beverly Hills that we offer at The Total Smile is a much better option for you. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, our periodontist, and cosmetic dentist, founded this treatment over twenty years ago as a way to lighten gum tissue quickly and effectively. Most patients need only a single treatment of gum bleaching to get the lighter results they want. Most patients receiving treatment do not see a case of relapse ever, so you will have the lighter gum tissue you desire permanently.

The Gum Bleaching Treatment That Works

When you come to us at The Total Smile, you can experience the gum bleaching treatment in Beverly Hills that people come for from all over the world because it is so effective. To learn more about how our bleaching treatment works and how we can help you get the smile you want, please contact us at 310-657-0503. We can talk to you about treatment and establish an appointment so you can consult with Dr. Farnoosh and learn how he can give you the lighter, brighter gums and smile you desire.

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