Coffee vs. Tobacco: A Threat to Your Smile

It’s a surprising fact that over 54% of Americans enjoy coffee regularly. While coffee is a beloved beverage, it’s not so loved for what it does to our teeth. Similarly, tobacco is a well-known culprit for staining teeth. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a renowned Beverly Hills periodontist, sheds light on this. He emphasizes that while the risks of tobacco are well-known, many are unaware of how coffee can also stain teeth, sometimes even more than tobacco. This information is crucial for dental professionals like Dr. Farnoosh to safeguard the aesthetic appeal of their patients’ smiles.

The Research on Stains

The American Dental Association published a study focusing on the effectiveness of tooth-bleaching products and stain-fighting toothpaste against coffee and tobacco stains. The results were eye-opening. Coffee was found to stain teeth more permanently than tobacco. The study involved treating enamel-like surfaces with coffee and tobacco and observing the results. While toothpaste somewhat reduced tobacco stains, it was less effective against coffee stains. Even after using a 6% hydrogen peroxide bleaching system, coffee stains were more likely to reappear, indicating that coffee drinkers face a harder challenge in maintaining white teeth.Gum Bleaching Specialist Dark Gum Treatments

Achieving a Bright Smile

A beautiful smile, free from discoloration, is often a sign of good oral health. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, an expert in both periodontics and cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills, knows the importance of a bright smile. Apart from his proficiency in laser tooth whitening, he is also recognized for his pioneering gum bleaching technique, designed to treat dark and discolored gums. Dr. Farnoosh stresses that maintaining good dental habits may not be sufficient to combat the dulling effects of coffee and tobacco, and a more strategic approach is needed.

Dr. Farnoosh’s Unique Approach to Gum Bleaching

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is the founder of The Total Smile, a renowned dental clinic in Beverly Hills. He has been serving patients globally for over 25 years, offering a range of unique cosmetic and surgical dental services. Dr. Farnoosh specializes in dental implants, laser periodontal surgery, gum and bone grafting, and, notably, his innovative gum bleaching method. This method is particularly effective in treating gums that have become dark or stained, often a side effect of coffee and tobacco use. Recognized consistently as one of America’s top dentists, Dr. Farnoosh’s expertise and innovative treatments have transformed countless smiles.

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