You know how important it is that you take the best care of your mouth. Proper oral health can assist you to have a healthier body overall and ward off potential illnesses and health problems for you. While you take care to see your general dentist twice a year for checkups, to get your teeth cleaned and your teeth evaluated, you also want to make sure you pay special attention to your gums. Failing to take the proper care of your gums can lead to a variety of gum diseases that can cause pain for you, cause bleeding gums and give you a host of other health problems. It is important that you take the time to find the right periodontist in Beverly Hills who can properly treat your gums.

Ask Your Dentist

While your general dentist can provide you with several services, detailed gum care may not be something they have vast knowledge about. Instead, you want to see a periodontist that specializes in gum care. Ask your dentist if there is a periodontist in the area that they recommend for use. Your dentist should have a good idea of practices nearby that can provide you with the best level of care possible. You may also want to ask family you have in the area, neighbors, friends or co-workers that may have received periodontal services to see whom they used.

Make Contact with an Office

Once you have received the names of some practices, you can take the time to contact a periodontist in Beverly Hills to ask questions and see if you can make an appointment for a consultation. An initial consultation is important to you so you can be sure you are comfortable with the office location, hours, the office staff and the periodontist. You want to make sure you fully trust the practice and that they do all they can to assist you with your gums and oral health.

An Outstanding Periodontist

If you are looking for a periodontist in Beverly Hills, you will want to contact us here at The Total Smile so you can make an appointment with Dr. Alex Farnoosh. Dr. Farnoosh has been in practice for over twenty years and has treated thousands of patients with the highest level of care and respect. You can learn more about our practice when you visit our website at, or you can give us a call at 310-657-0503 to arrange for a consultation.

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