Taking care of the teeth is well understood by people living in the United States, but at the same time many of these same people suffer from problems with their gums, and the tissues of the mouth which support the teeth. No matter how well you brush, if you are not taking care of your gums then you may still suffer from tooth decay and other dental problems. Sometimes, in order to overcome this type of problem, you need to contact a specialist. As an experienced periodontist team in Los Angeles, we can help you to overcome gum problems.

We treat a range of issues

Dental problems can cover a variety of different topics, and if you are visiting our periodontist service then you will require specialist treatments designed to tackle specific problems with your gums and jaw. For example, if you have missing teeth, and want to avoid having a bridge or dentures, then you may think about dental implants. We can help you to select the right dental implant for your teeth and ensure that this implant matches your existing teeth.

We treat receding gums

Another common problem which we treat is the issue of receding gum lines. This can occur either because of periodontal disease, or because the tissue itself is very thin. We provide fast and efficient treatment to reduce the recession of the gum line, avoiding deterioration of the bone and loss of teeth. Gum grafting is one way to ensure that there is plenty of tissue in the mouth in order to protect the teeth and the jawline. We use a natural material rather than obliging our patients to have a second operation to remove tissue.

Get effective periodontal treatment

We may also recommend that you choose to have treatment for periodontal disease before any cosmetic surgery. There is a close link between periodontal gum disease and cardiovascular problems. As an expert in the treatment of the gums, our periodontist in Los Angeles can treat all varieties of periodontal disease, including using laser treatments, in order to ensure that your mouth is in excellent condition. Whatever periodontal treatment you require, we can offer you a reliable and effective service. If you have decided to improve your smile or correct problems with your gum line, contact us today on our online form, or call us at 310-657-0503 to discuss your requirements.

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