Dr. Alex Farnoosh wants patients to be less afraid of visiting the dentist for a Los Angeles or Beverly Hills smile makeover, so he’s reducing anxiety by increasing customer comfort.
Beverly Hills, California – February 15, 2008 – A fear of visiting the dentist often ranks right up there with public speaking when it comes to the most common phobias shared by individuals. The ADA explains that about one-fourth of the population avoids dentists because of a previous bad experience in the dental chair. Unfortunately, being too afraid to visit a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles could endanger more than your beautiful smile. The question of how to encourage more people to overcome that fear had gone unanswered until a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, decided to change the typical practice of dentistry with his revolutionary approach to treating anxious patients at his dental office in Los Angeles.
Visiting Dr. Farnoosh for a dental visit is a unique experience for most patients. Everything is designed to help the patient feel at ease. “We try to reduce the apprehension surrounding dental visits so patients will come in for proper oral care,” Dr. Farnoosh explains. His rationale can be seen throughout his Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist office. An aquarium and soothing music in the lobby is meant to relax waiting for patients. On-demand movies and virtual reality glasses provide a needed distraction for patients while the work is being done on their teeth. In addition, Dr. Farnoosh provides patients with the option of oral medication, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation to reduce anxiety and discomfort as well.
These fear-reducing features should be an important part of any dental office focusing on giving patients outstanding customer service for their Los Angeles/Beverly Hills smile makeover. As Dr. Farnoosh says, “Our patients trust us to make their smiles beautiful and healthy. That trust doesn’t begin and end in the dental chair.” As part of their emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, Dr. Farnoosh and his staff always explain the available treatment options and rationale, carefully and fully disclose the total cost for the procedure or smile makeover so no patient ever has those added worries when sitting in the dental chair.
Dr. Alex Farnoosh can provide these extras because he understands his patients and the field of dentistry so well. In addition to his 25 years of experience as a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and more than two decades of experience teaching future dentists at the University of California, he has invented and perfected several important periodontal procedures, which have earned him recognition by the International Association of Dental Research and the American Academy of Periodontology. Dr. Farnoosh’s anti-anxiety approach to dentistry combined with his professional and academic accolades explains why more and more patients are traveling from all over the world to Los Angeles for their smile makeover.

About The Total Smile

The Total Smile dental office offers a full range of services including lip lowering for correcting gummy smiles, laser periodontal surgery, gum bleaching for discolored gums, minimally-invasive dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Farnoosh treats patients from all over Los Angeles and offers fly-in services to patients from around the world.

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