Recent news of a connection between omega-3’s and gum disease has made Dr. Alex Farnoosh emphasize gum disease prevention with proper dental care and effective treatment for his Los Angeles area patients.
Beverly Hills, California (December 2010) – In spite of encouraging news about a link between gum disease prevention and the intake of omega 3’s that was published recently in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Dr. Alex Farnoosh says the priority at his practice remains gum disease treatment. Dr. Farnoosh is passionate about the science of dental care. As a cosmetic dentist and periodontist, his focus is on improving aesthetics and protecting health.
“Even though new strategies like increasing omega-3 intake are encouraging, we haven’t found a way to prevent gum disease completely,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “The reality today is that the majority of my patients have some form of gum disease and they need treatment. That’s why I continue to refine techniques for gum surgery and laser dentistry.”
The consequences of gum disease are far-reaching. In fact, periodontal disease is a risk factor for many diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, and even pancreatic cancer. Given these significant consequences, early treatment of gum disease is imperative.
“Gum disease is treated in several ways,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “I usually begin with general debridement and cleaning in conjunction with the use of an antimicrobial agent under the gum tissue to eradicate or minimize the bacteria. In some cases, I utilize a laser technique to remove diseased infected tissue. I work with each patient to find a solution that fits their needs.”
Dr. Farnoosh also shares things patients can do themselves to help minimize the risk of gum disease. Most importantly, he says, they should be diligent about their oral hygiene. That includes thorough twice-daily brushing and flossing, as well as routine cleaning and check-ups. People should also avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet – as he points out, these things are important for overall health, not just periodontal health.
“In addition to caring for their teeth and gums, people should be looking carefully for the signs of gum disease,” Dr. Farnoosh says. “It is often asymptomatic, but there are usually indications. For example, if patients have red, swollen, and tender gums; gums that bleed; gums that have pulled away from teeth; and persistent bad breath; they may need to visit their dentist. Even if they do not have gum disease, these symptoms could indicate another problem.”
Dr. Farnoosh is a renowned leader and innovator in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Men and women from all over the world visit his practice for quality care and impressive results. Some of his more popular procedures include lip lowering to treat gummy smiles, gum bleaching to treat dark or pigmented gums, dental implants, tooth whitening, gum contouring, as well as gum and bone grafting.
“My approach to dentistry is multi-faceted,” explains Dr. Farnoosh. “I don’t think you can discuss treatment without prevention. Similarly, I don’t think you can improve aesthetics without improving function. I talk a great deal about ‘the total smile.’ It’s a concept that is truly at the heart of my practice. I address the entire mouth for a smile that is healthy and vibrant.”
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