It’s no surprise that dental anxiety is among the top-ranking fears, standing shoulder to shoulder with the fear of public speaking. According to the Cleveland Clinic, over 30% of people in the United States have dental anxiety and over 10% have an extreme fear of dental treatment. This avoidance doesn’t just jeopardize the aesthetic appeal of a smile but could risk overall oral health. With this in mind, Dr. Alex Farnoosh has taken a pioneering stance, positioning himself not just as a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, but as a solution to dental anxiety for countless individuals.

Solution to Dental Anxiety  Beverly Hills  Cosmetic Dentist

Diving into the statistics further, think about it this way: every fourth person you know might be avoiding essential dental care, primarily driven by anxiety. This alarming revelation made Dr. Farnoosh rethink the conventional dental experience and reshape it to prioritize patient comfort at his Beverly Hills practice.

When patients visit Dr. Farnoosh, they are welcomed into a haven meticulously crafted to alleviate anxiety. He states, “The aim is to shift the narrative around dental visits, transforming them into comfortable experiences that ensure consistent oral care.” This philosophy is evident from the moment you step into his clinic. The serene ambiance, accentuated by a calming aquarium and gentle music, is more reminiscent of a spa than a dental clinic. Distractions like on-demand movies and virtual reality glasses are at the patient’s disposal during procedures, ensuring they remain engaged elsewhere while Dr. Farnoosh works his magic. Recognizing that some anxieties are deeply rooted, he also offers various sedation options, including oral medication, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

Emphasizing the importance of trust in his practice, Dr. Farnoosh mentions, “While our primary objective is to render beautiful and healthy smiles, the relationship with our patients doesn’t start and conclude in the dental chair.” This commitment extends to transparent communication, where every procedure, its rationale, and the associated costs are explained in detail, ensuring patients are never caught off-guard.

A solution to dental anxiety isn’t just about comforting features or sedation techniques. At its core, it’s about understanding patients and their concerns intimately. Dr. Farnoosh’s 25 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, combined with over two decades of nurturing future dentists at the University of California, has provided him with the insight and empathy necessary. His contributions to the field, evident from the numerous procedures he has invented and honed, have garnered him accolades from prestigious bodies like the International Association of Dental Research and the American Academy of Periodontology.

About The Total Smile:

The Total Smile, Dr. Farnoosh’s dental practice is a comprehensive solution to dental anxiety and offers an extensive array of services. From addressing gummy smiles with lip lowering, laser periodontal surgeries, and gum bleaching for discolored gums to minimally-invasive dental implants and a plethora of cosmetic dentistry procedures, the clinic stands out as a beacon for top-tier dental care. Catering to local residents and international patients alike, Dr. Farnoosh has truly transformed dental visits from dreaded appointments to anticipated experiences.

For those seeking a solution to dental anxiety and a chance at a radiant smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh in Los Angeles invites you for a free consultation. Overcome your fears and embrace a future of impeccable oral health.

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