We all realize just how important a good smile is to us personally. A smile says so much about you and can affect you emotionally, personally, socially and psychologically. When something is off about our smile, it is noticed right away by others around us, and we likely pick up on this as well. All it takes is one quick look in the mirror to have the feeling that your smile is not quite right confirmed. There can be all kinds of causes and reasons that have an impact on your smile, but your main concern is going to be what you can do about it to fix them. Here at the Total Smile, we can provide you with the answers you are seeking and offer you a way to change your look and smile.

Experience in Periodontal Work

Our office, under the guidance of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, has been serving the Beverly Hills area for over twenty years. We can provide you with all of the periodontal and cosmetic dentistry work that you may need that can help repair many of the issues you may deal with regarding your mouth and smile. Dr. Farnoosh has worked with thousands of patients over the years and takes each patient as an individual and addresses your specific needs, spending important time with you to understand your concerns. He then can provide you with the best treatment options to give you the glowing,radiant smile you want.

A Specialist like No Other

Here at the Total Smile, Dr. Farnoosh offers two unique specialty areas that can help to improve your look. Dr. Farnoosh is a pioneer in the areas of gummy smile and gum bleaching and dermabrasion. The work he performs in both of these areas has changed the industry approach to these treatments, and he can provide you with safe, minimally invasive and permanent solutions to problems like dark gums or gummy smile in ways that were never available before.

Book an Appointment

The Best way for you to learn all that we can do for you at the Total Smile is to give us call and make an appointment. You can speak to our office staff by calling 310-657-0503 and arranging a time for a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh so that you may meet with him, get an exam, and discuss the issues you are facing. He can then work with you to help you craft the perfect look and smile that you will be happy to share with the world.

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