Women and men throughout the United States, Los Angeles, and the world trust cosmetic dentist / periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh, who invented proven methods to cure pigmented gums, and help them improve their discolored gum appearance.
BEVERLY HILLS, CA, April, 2008 – It’s not a treatment you hear much about, but for men and women living with dark gums, gum bleaching is a popular periodontal procedure. Recently, more and more people living with this condition have learned about a new laser technique to de-pigment gums, but Los Angeles periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh has created a unique method to treat gum discoloration and has become a leader in this treatment. He urges people considering laser treatment to learn more about all available gum bleaching options that are more effective.
Gum discoloration can occur for several reasons. Commonly, people who have darker skin may be prone to a buildup of melanin in their gum tissue, additionally certain medications may cause gum discoloration to develop over time. Prior to any cosmetic gum treatment, a board certified dentist or periodontist (a specialist in gum treatment) needs to address any underlying gum disease to maximize oral health and ensure that the tissue is healthy before treatment may commence. This is best determined by a periodontist who is the most highly qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.
Beverly Hills dentist / periodontist Dr. Farnoosh is a pioneer in gum bleaching treatment. He has authored several articles on his technique and is published in respected, peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Periodontology and Journal of Pathology. Few dentists offering laser gum bleaching have the years of experience and specialty knowledge Dr. Farnoosh has developed as an accomplished periodontist, university professor, published researcher, and celebrity cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles.
“I’ve been performing a proprietary gum bleaching technique for over 15 years,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “I continue to see some of the initial patients who were treated, and even after all this time, the gum pigmentation has not returned. That gives my patients significant assurance that the results of their procedure will last many years.”
Unlike Dr. Farnoosh’s method, laser gum bleaching has a very short track record and relapse has proven to be a common problem. In addition, the long-term efficacy and extent of tissue damage caused by the laser technique has not been studied. “Laser treatment has not generated the same long term results, and is less comfortable for patients,” says Dr. Farnoosh. Gum bleaching is safe to perform for patients from all walks of life and protects oral health.
All areas of gum discoloration can be treated with a single visit to Dr. Farnoosh’s office in Beverly Hills. Dentists who are unfamiliar with gum bleaching techniques may incorrectly inform their patients that nothing can be done to permanently improve the appearance of the gums. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly the gum bleaching procedure can be performed. Because the amount of pigment saturation and location of gum discoloration varies from patient to patient, Dr. Farnoosh is able to carefully customize treatments based on a patient’s needs.
“Most of my patients have been bothered by the appearance of their gums and have been looking for a ‘cure’ for discolored gums for many years,” adds Dr. Farnoosh. “When they find out about my practice and the safe, effective gum bleaching treatment I offer, they will travel great distances for expert oral care and a lasting cosmetic result.”
In addition to gum bleaching, Dr. Farnoosh also offers cosmetic and microscopic plastic periodontal procedures to enhance esthetics and create a beautiful smile such as gum grafting, dental veneers, and cosmetic gum surgery for “Gummy Smiles” at his Beverly Hills office.

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