Men and women living with a high lip line have an exciting treatment alternative from Los Angeles cosmetic dentist / periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh, who is able to lower the upper lip with a special cosmetic surgery technique.
Beverly Hills, California (July 2008) – “Gummy smiles” are a common problem but few people realize there is a fairly straightforward surgery that can lower the upper lip, revealing less gum tissue. Rather than performing complicated surgery to reconstruct the upper jaw, Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Farnoosh offers a method to simply and permanently revise upper lip position and movement.
In the perfect smile, the upper lip sits just above the top of the teeth. But for people with a high lip line, too much of their upper gum is revealed, creating what’s commonly referred to as a “gummy smile.” The unflattering appearance of a gummy smile causes many people with a high lip line to avoid smiling or place their hand over their mouth when they smile or laugh.
“It is truly unfortunate when people are self-conscious about their smiles,” says Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Los Angeles periodontist and cosmetic dentist with over 25 years of private practice experience. “Thankfully, I have developed a proven method to subtly lower the lip line without extensive surgery. This method has helped hundreds of my patients smile with confidence.”
Gummy smiles are more than a cosmetic problem – they can also cause people to hide their happiness and true emotions. One way to improve the appearance is to undergo orthognathic surgery, which cuts and repositions the front segment of the upper jaw. In addition to being a complex surgical procedure, patients are hesitant to have this procedure because of the discomfort and extended hospital stay involved. After surgery, the jaw must be wired shut to allow for proper healing, meaning that patients must adhere to a liquid diet. Cost is yet another factor, with surgical fees that can rise as high as $40,000.
“For most people with gummy smiles, there is no need for this degree of expense and discomfort,” adds Dr. Farnoosh. “I offer an alternative approach that minimizes the appearance of a high lip line by lowering and repositioning the upper lip through a minor periodontal plastic surgery procedure. The results I have been able to achieve are highly satisfying for my patients.”
Dr. Farnoosh began treating people with gummy smiles in 1998 and has perfected his lip lowering technique. This treatment can be combined with crown lengthening or excess gum tissue removal to create an ideal appearance. Men and women who want to learn more about all the cosmetic dental treatments offered by Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Farnoosh offers should visit his Web site or call 310-657-0503 to set up a consultation appointment.

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