To help make it easier for men and women across the United States and throughout the globe to benefit from his specialized treatments for dark gums, gummy smiles, and other dental concerns, Los Angeles cosmetic dentist / periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh has created a “Fly-In Dentistry” program.
Beverly Hills, California (September 2008) – Dark gums, “gummy smiles” and high lip lines are surprisingly common aesthetic dental problems. Unfortunately, many dentists and periodontists simply do not offer treatments for these conditions, leaving patients with no dental professional in their area to improve their smile in an acceptable way. For this reason, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Beverly Hills dentist/ periodontist who offers several hard-to-find treatments, has created a Fly-In Dentistry program to help patients who seek results and want to travel to his Los Angeles-area office.
“I’ve been seeing a dramatic increase in the number of patients coming to me from other states and indeed other countries for my specialized treatments,” says Dr. Farnoosh, a periodontist with over 25 years of private practice experience. “It only makes sense to have a program specially-tailored to the needs of this patient group.”
Dr. Farnoosh’s Fly-In Dentistry program is open to anyone considering any of his services, but most patients travel to the practice for his signature services, including aesthetic gum lightening for discolored gums and lip lowering to treat gummy smiles. Dark gums are caused by excess pigment in the gum tissue, usually a result of patient heredity or ethnicity. Gummy smiles are caused when the upper lip lifts too high when a person smiles, revealing a significant portion of the upper gums. Dr. Farnoosh is one of the few dentists worldwide who offers specialized treatment for both of these conditions. His practice focuses on aesthetically-oriented treatment, plastic periodontal surgery, and aesthetically-appealing dental implants.
A patient interested in flying to Los Angeles for treatment by cosmetic dentist Dr. Farnoosh can call his practice for complete information and assistance with travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and much more. By providing photos over email or through the mail, patients can have Dr. Farnoosh perform a preliminary evaluation of their dental needs. As part of the Fly-In Dentistry program, patients also can complete a medical history and other required paperwork prior to their visit, so they can focus on receiving treatment and beginning their recovery.
“We have partnered with several area hotels that offer convenience and many of the luxuries of home away from home,” adds Dr. Farnoosh. “As a Beverly Hills dentist, I am centrally located for family members of patients to have access to many popular attractions, including shopping, museums, and other award-winning tourist attractions.”
Dr. Farnoosh has been successfully treating people with dark gums and gummy smiles for over a decade. His comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry – known as The Total Smile – requires all three elements of beautiful teeth, pleasant-looking gums, and appealing lips. This approach continues to help patients improve their smile, attractiveness, oral health, and self-confidence.
While he has already treated patients from many U.S. states and foreign countries with astonishing results, his goal is to make the experience more pleasant and even easier through his Fly-In Dentistry program. Men and women who want to learn more about all the cosmetic dental treatments offered by Dr. Farnoosh should visit his Web site or call 310-657-0503 to set up a consultation appointment.

Looking for a highly-trained cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles? Request an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh to learn more about his innovative services and treatments.
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