Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, has seen an increase in the number of patients choosing to undergo a new method to treat their “gummy smile,” an increase he attributes in part to his specialized treatment that is more comfortable, less invasive, and more cost-effective than traditional methods.
Beverly Hills, California (October 2008) – At least one Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, is seeing an increase in the number of patients under age 35 seeking to correct the excessive appearance of the upper gum when they smile, a condition also known as “gummy smile.” Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh explains, “In the past, more people just assumed the condition couldn’t be corrected, so they would wait years before hearing about their options. Better communication and new options are changing that.” Many people learn about Dr. Farnoosh’s gummy smile treatment from his Web site (www.thetotalsmile.com).
The increase in demand for this new treatment that Dr. Farnoosh is seeing reflects larger trends as documented by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry statistics, which show a rise of 12.5 percent in the number of cosmetic dentistry procedures performed from 2000 to 2005, and project another 10.9 percent rise from 2005 to 2007.
Dr. Farnoosh, who has been featured on television and in print for his “Total Smile” approach to cosmetic dentistry, attributes the increase in younger patients in part to better media coverage and online access to information about the procedures offered by Los Angeles cosmetic dentists. More personal factors may also help explain why patients are now addressing problems of this kind sooner.
“Having a gummy smile is caused by genetics, and many of my younger patients have seen from their parents’ experiences that a gummy smile will likely last a lifetime without proper treatment,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “They think, ‘I don’t want to have to deal with that.'”
Many young people now recognize the early esthetic problem of the “gummy smile.” In addition, the kind of image they project is very important for starting out in their career and building professional and personal relationships. Addressing a gummy smile gives many people the confidence they need to be successful. And correcting this condition is easier than ever before thanks to the specialized technique Dr. Farnoosh has developed to treat gummy smiles.
Traditional treatments tend to focus on the gums alone, cutting back the upper gum with a knife or laser to expose more of the tooth. This method tends to make teeth vulnerable to bacteria, so surgeons often have to cap the teeth with veneers or crowns – a costly and time-consuming procedure. A few Beverly Hills dentists would take an even more invasive approach, cutting through the gums to remove part of the bone of the upper jaw. Dr. Farnoosh says that this procedure was unpopular because of the pain involved, as well as the higher risk for complications. “Patients could encounter complications like severe bleeding or tooth sensitivity. In addition, this procedure can be very costly. Thankfully, the method I use is far less invasive and the risk of complications is extremely slight. This is an appealing mix of treatment characteristics, especially for younger people living busy lifestyles.”
Traditional treatments such as orthognathic (cutting the jaw bone to be repositioned) is unpopular because it is very invasive, has a major complication, can require hospitalization, and is very costly (averaging $30,000 to $50,000). Cutting back the upper gum with a knife or laser (so-called “crown lengthening”) may not be the solution either.
Even though some Los Angeles cosmetic dentists may claim treatment of a “gummy smile” by crown lengthening is effective, this approach may not solve the problem because there is a limit to how much a dental professional is able to increase the length of the teeth. If too much gum is removed the patient can appear to have front teeth that are too long. For this reason, lowering the lip can be an ideal treatment method. In some cases a combination of both lowering the lip and aesthetic crown lengthening may be needed when patients have short front teeth.
Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Beverly Hills dentist periodontist who offers several hard-to-find treatments, such as lip lowering to treat “gummy smile” or gum bleaching to treat dark or discolored patches on the gums, has created a Fly-In Dentistry program to help patients who want to travel to his Los Angeles office. Patients using the program have been extremely pleased with their experience.
Dr. Farnoosh’s treatment method has minimal discomfort and the risk of complications is low. This is an appealing mix of treatment characteristics, especially for younger people living busy lifestyles. Men and women who want to learn more about all the cosmetic dental treatments offered by Dr. Farnoosh should visit his Web site or call 310-657-0503 to set up a consultation appointment.
Dr. Alex Farnoosh is a dentist who provides Beverly Hills men and women with a full range of surgical and nonsurgical treatments to enhance your smile. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh to find out more about his treatments, or enquire about his popular fly-in program.

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