The reason why you have black gums are varied based on lifestyle choices, genetics, and even medications that you are on. Our Beverly Hills dentist has the solution for you. Keep reading to learn more about why your gums may be black, then give us a call to set up a free consultation to discuss our treatment options!

Genetic Reasons for Black Gums

For those who have darker skin tones and produce more melanin, you are likely to have black or brown gums which are perfectly healthy but if you are unhappy with it, we can help. While you need not worry about the health of your gums if they are very dark, you can always opt to lighten them safely.  However, look for rapid change in color of your gums because that usually indicates something other than genetics and could mean you have a health issue.

Another genetic reason that could be cause for concern for discolored gums is Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Children with this syndrome can often experience spots of discoloration on the gums, according to Medline Plus.

Lifestyle Choices That Cause Black Gums

If you are a smoker, among other things, blackened gums are a common side effect. We refer to discolored gums from smoking as “smoker’s melanosis”. Nicotine causes your gums to overproduce melanin in the gums. It can affect more than just your gums.

Nicotine addiction can eventually lead to the development of Addison’s disease. This can be severe if left untreated. If you want to treat your gums and keep them from getting blackened again, we strongly advise that you quit smoking. Not only is it bad for your gums, but it is also bad for your teeth.

How We Treat Black Gums

Dr. Alex Farnoosh uses his own technique for gum bleaching that he used on himself over 25 years ago that still holds up. It is a quick and simple treatment that does not require much of a recovery period. It is not usually painful or uncomfortable.

When you get our gum bleaching treatment, you walk out that day with the results you want. Your confidence and self-esteem can immediately improve. You will have a more attractive smile right away.

Dr. Farnoosh may have come up with the treatment in the 90s, but since then, it has gone on to be internationally recognized as a treatment for black gums. This should help you feel confident that this is an effective treatment for your discolored gums.

Take a look at our photo gallery of people who have had their gums lightened.

The cost of the procedure can vary between $1,000 and $1,500. However, do not let cost hold you back from getting the treatment you want. We accept CareCredit, a financing option for you.

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If you want your black gums lightened, please do not wait to call us right away to set up a complimentary consultation. We would be happy to give you the smile that makes you feel confident.

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