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Are you feeling dissatisfied with your smile? Your smile is a crucial aspect of your self-confidence and overall well-being. For some individuals, having a gummy smile can lead to self-consciousness and impact their quality of life. Fortunately, if you’re seeking a solution to enhance your smile, lip lowering surgery may hold the key to your transformation. Let’s delve deeper into this life-changing procedure and uncover how it can help you regain your confidence. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our renowned Beverly Hills dentist for a complimentary consultation to embark on your journey to a radiant smile.

Understanding the Gummy Smile

Picture the perfect smile – it’s characterized by straight, pearly-white teeth with just a hint of gum delicately framing them. A captivating smile is one where your upper lip gracefully rests just above your teeth, putting them on display in all their glory. However, in some cases, an excessive display of gum tissue can overshadow your teeth, diminishing the overall aesthetics of your smile and affecting your self-esteem.

But you’re not alone in this journey. According to research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), approximately 10% of individuals aged 20-30 experience the challenges of a gummy smile. The good news is that modern dentistry offers a solution, and it comes in the form of gummy smile surgery.

Gummy smile surgery is a transformative procedure designed to help you achieve the smile you’ve always desired. It’s a precise and personalized approach to addressing excessive gum exposure, tailored to your unique needs and goals. By understanding the intricacies of this procedure, you can make an informed decision about enhancing your smile.

Stay with us as we explore the remarkable power of gummy smile surgery, the common causes of a gummy smile, and how our experienced Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, can guide you through this life-changing journey.

The Power of Lip Lowering Surgery

Our lip lowering surgery is designed to address your gummy smile effectively. This procedure involves making precise incisions to extend the lower lip, providing coverage for your gums when you smile. The recovery period is relatively short, and in some cases, it may also involve the removal of excess gum tissue or lengthening the crowns to reveal more teeth.

Common Causes of a Gummy Smile

Several factors can contribute to a gummy smile:

  • Medications: Certain medications can lead to gum overgrowth, contributing to a gummy smile.
  • Genetics: Your genetic makeup can influence the appearance of your smile, including gum exposure.
  • Oral Hygiene: Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum issues, which may result in a gummy smile.

If your gummy smile makes you uncomfortable, we’re here to help. Our extensive experience has allowed us to assist countless individuals in similar situations. Take a moment to explore our photo gallery, showcasing real patients who have undergone gummy smile surgery.

Dr. Farnoosh: A Pioneer in Lip Lowering Surgery

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is a pioneer in gummy smile correction surgery, having introduced the procedure in 1988. Since then, it has been widely adopted in the U.S. and around the world. His expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that you’re in capable hands when seeking gummy smile surgery.

Your gummy smile can also be improved by addressing overgrown gingival tissue, enhancing the overall appearance of your smile.

Don’t let self-consciousness hold you back any longer. Achieve the smile you desire and take pride in showing it off. We invite you to schedule a free consultation to explore your options further.

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