When you smile can you feel your gums being exposed? Do you notice a lot of gum tissue in your smile when you show up in a photo with friends? Does it make you self conscious? You’re not alone and it’s fixable! You are dealing with a gummy smile. A gummy smile can have a negative effect on your confidence but thankfully isn’t a medically worrisome issue. Gummy smiles have a few different causes the first of which is an excessive amount of gingival tissue in your upper jaw which covers your teeth and makes them appear short or ‘smaller’ than they are. It may also be caused by how your jaw bone grew up and developed throughout your life. If your upper jaw has a protrusion it can cause a gummy smile.
There are other reasons for you to be experiencing a gummy smile and it can come down to things like your facial muscles, the size of your lips or the size and shape of your teeth. Gummy smiles be a factor of how your lip lies or if you jaw grew abnormally. Abnormal jaw growth can cause you to have an overbite or other issues. If you are interested in treating your gummy smile there are many different ways to go about it depending on why your smile is gummy. You can have your jaw and teeth examined by Dr. Farnoosh to determine the state and extent of your gum issues and causes. Years ago the options for fixing your smile were fewer and included expensive jaw surgery. These surgeries would cost your thousands of dollars and would be lengthy, involved removing pieces of your bone and results in a wired jawed recovery.
gummy smile
If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you may be better off working with Dr. Farnoosh who specializes in a lip lowering surgery which he developed. Depending on the extent of the work you need done lip lowering surgery can be a much much less expensive way of fixing your smile issues. If lip lowering won’t solely fix you gummy tissue sile Dr. Farnossh can also perform crown lengthening and excess gum tissue removal. Removing any excess gum can allow your teeth to show more and combined with a lowered lip it can cover your exposed gum. I
After receiving services from Dr. Farnoosh you may worry about the downtime associated with getting gummy smile correction. However, one of the many benefits from getting this smile correction is that it has a very little downtime. The few side effects you can experience can be things like tightness in your lip which should disappear within two weeks when your lip resumes it’s a normal feeling. If this process sounds appealing to you, you should go in with realistic expectations of how you smile will end up looking. Some people go into cosmetic surgeries with higher expectations than what is actually possible by the doctor. Going over the possibilities of your results with your doctor is essential to not end disappointed due to overinflated expectations.

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