You might have darker gums which could make you self conscious and have you wondering if gum bleaching is right for you. You might also be interested in the reasons behind darker gums. Gum color can vary from individual to individual due to many different factors. One reason for darker gums is simply melanin. Your body naturally produces melanin which is the cause for your hair, skin and eye colors. The darker those features are for you the more melanin you posses. Your dark gums may be the harmless byproduct of your melanin but if you see sudden changes in your gum color, especially dark/black areas seek medical attention.
Another reason for dark gums is smoking. We all know the usual harms of smoking like emphysema, lung cancer, and heart disease but did you know it can also cause darker gums? There are cells in your body that are responsible for creating melanin called melanocytes. When smoking or using tobacco products the nicotine can cause your gums to darken. These changes can occur on your entire gum or in patches but have been seen to lessen when a person quits smoking. A further reason for gum discoloration is an amalgam tattoo.
dark gums
These tattoo spots happen when a dentist is creating a filling. The metals used for the filling can shift and reappear under the gum causing a blue, black or grey spot. Other causes of darkened gums can be Addison’s Disease which affects the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are in charge of releasing hormones and Addison’s disease disrupts this process. Early symptoms include feeling tired, lack of appetite, weak muscles, weight loss and feeling unusually thirsty. Left untreated Addison’s Disease leads to discoloration in the gums and lips. Medication can be another reason why you are seeing darker gums. If you have started a new medical regiment you might be experiencing side effects from new meds.
If you are uncertain of the reasons behind why your gum have appeared darker you don’t need to worry. Dr. Farnoosh of the Total Smile will take the time to examine your gums. He will make an assessment of your gum health before doing any procedures. Dr. Farnoosh will then decide how much gum bleaching would be beneficial for you depending on whether you have spotty gums or degree of discoloration. If you are nervous about the steps were taken for gum bleaching, it isn’t a stressful affair. Dr. Farnoosh applies numbing cream to the areas that will be bleached. From there he applies his bleaching solution and your gum can be treated for any discoloration in on a visit. You won’t be facing any downtime either. You will be able to eat and talk normally following the bleaching. The only side effects you might experience will be teeth sensitivity if you started off with sensitive gums. If you’re ready to make the move to get your gum bleached give our office a call today. We are confident you will walk away smiling from the results!

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