When you lose a tooth, it can feel genuinely devastating. Your smile doesn’t look the same. It’s natural to worry that when someone looks at you, all they’re going to see is the empty gap where the tooth used to be. This is the kind of thing that’s enough to keep someone from smiling, from letting other people know when they’re happy. Your self confidence can fall precipitously, which is the last thing you would want. However, Dr. Farnoosh offers a solution. His incredible implant treatment in Los Angeles can give you back your old smile while making it look better than ever.

Dental Implant Treatment in Los Angeles

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind about dental implants is that no one will know they’re dental implants. Unless you out and out tell someone, they’ll have no idea that you have dental implants. Instead, they’ll just think that you have all of your teeth. Of course, when we say “no one will know,” we do not mean “no one will notice.” Quite the contrary. In fact, everyone will notice your full, beautiful and natural smile. Your dental implants can be your little secret.
Incredible Implant Treatment in Los Angeles

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants work like they’re your teeth. In addition to looking like they’re your regular teeth, they’ll feel like them, too. You won’t be aware of them in your mouth; they’ll just seem like you always had them. On top of that, they’ll function just like your regular teeth, too. You can chew, speak, smile and do everything else normally, secure in the knowledge that your teeth look better than ever. On top of the rest of it, dental implants can provide you with greater peace of mind.

Less Maintenance than Other Procedures

If you’ve lost teeth, then you may have considered dentures. Dentures don’t come by themselves: they also include glues, pastes, cleaning solutions and more. You don’t have to worry about any of those with implants. Beyond that, dentures (even the best ones) sometimes make a “clicking” sound, or they can even wobble a bit inside your mouth. Neither of those occur with implants. In fact, implants can actually work in conjunction with dentures. Implants can support them or even anchor a dental bridge. Not only can implants make dentures and bridges more usable, they can make them more comfortable, too.

Dr. Farnoosh’s Dental Implants

The implants Dr. Farnoosh uses protect the teeth you already have. The teeth around the implants don’t have to be altered in any way, making your smile that much more natural. They integrate right into your jaw bone’s structure, helping your gums and bones, too. When you lose a tooth, it’s perfectly normal to feel like your smile will never be the same again. However, if you give us a call at (310) 928-1796 or send us a message through our site, you can sit down with a dental professional who will show you that your best smile is still ahead of you.

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