A great, winning smile is something we all strive to have. Taking the best care of your teeth and mouth can help you achieve the look you want, but sometimes there are other circumstances that can influence the way your smile appears. When you look in the mirror and smile, you may notice right away that you seem to have much more gum tissue showing than teeth. Others may not notice it right away, but there it is, staring back at you, and it makes you feel self-conscious about your looks. You may not realize it, but there is something you can do about having excess gum tissue showing. If you are looking for a gummy specialist in Los Angeles, coming to us at The Total Smile can connect you to an expert in treating gum issues.

A Specialist with Gums

Here at The Total Smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh can assist you with the gum problems you may have. Dr. Farnoosh is a highly respected, experienced periodontist and cosmetic dentist who has developed some of the most important gum treatments available today. Dr. Farnoosh has long worked with patients that have what is often referred to as a “gummy smile,” where excess gum tissue is present in a smile. Various reasons can exist for situations like this, but in the past, few options outside of drastic jaw surgery were available to solve the problem. Dr. Farnoosh took the time to develop a new approach to treatment that has provided fantastic results to his patients.

A Gummy Smile Treatment

As a gummy specialist in Los Angeles, Dr. Farnoosh makes use of a lip-lowering procedure that he developed and perfected which is now used by many practices across the country. Instead of the painful jaw surgery or the use of lasers to excise the excess tissue, Dr. Farnoosh can lower the upper lip so that it conceals the excess tissue present and provides you with the natural look and smile you want. This method is far less invasive and uses only a local anesthetic so that you do not have a difficult recovery or the surgical risks that come with other procedures all while still getting excellent results.

Discuss Your Options with a Specialist

If you have concerns about your smile and want to know more about what can be done to help you regain your confidence, contacting a gummy specialist in Los Angeles like we have here at The Total Smile is the way for you to go. You can learn more about our practice, Dr. Farnoosh,  his achievements and the services we offer when you look at our website. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh, you can call us at (310) 928-1796. We will be glad to arrange for a free initial consultation with you so that you can come to our office, meet with Dr. Farnoosh, and find out more about what he can do to provide you with the smile you want to have and share with the world.

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