Whenever you go out in public, you dread the idea of smiling at people and having them see you laugh. The reason is simple, it is because of a small gap between your teeth that has taken on enormous proportions in your mind. You think that every time anyone sees you, they look at that gap and wonder why you haven’t fixed it yet. If you are fed up with thinking about that gap, then the time might be right to see an implant specialist in Los Angeles who can help you to resolve this issue. At The Total Smile, our experts will work with you to try to resolve the problem with your smile.

Closing The Gap With Implants

implant specialist in Los Angeles
One of the best ways to resolve the issue of missing teeth in your smile is to have an implant inserted into the gum. This is a permanent way to eliminate the gaps in a smile. It requires the assistance of a gum surgeon specialist who is experienced in the practice of installing implants. This treatment is one of the fastest-growing areas of dental surgery in California. In fact, there is a growing demand from patients within Los Angeles to make use of dental implants to resolve issues with gaps in teeth. This is particularly the case where there is more than one tooth missing in a sequence, not only exposing a flawed smile but causing problems during eating. If you have too many gaps, your speech may even be affected, so it is clearly a serious problem which needs resolving, and dental implants are one option.

What Are Implants?

The key to dental implants is that they are artificial teeth which are designed to resemble the teeth of the individual as close as possible. They consist of an artificial root, which is inserted into the jawline via specially constructed screws. The metal fittings are made from a high-quality titanium, which then have a replacement tooth, or maybe a series of teeth, which are fitted onto the root. This is much more practical than false teeth, for example, and may be the best solution when you are looking for a stable jawline after the unfortunate loss of a number of teeth. This sort of dental operation should only be done by a very experienced dental surgeon.

Get Implants Today

If you have decided that this is the best solution for your needs, then you need to speak to the expert implant specialist in Los Angeles, Dr. Farnoosh. At The Total Smile he can assess you and decide which is the best option for your jawline, and discuss what would benefit you moving forward, including fixing gummy teeth and resolving issues with staining of your teeth. To receive the best treatment that LA has to offer, you need to contact Dr. Farnoosh and the team today using our online message form, or you can request a complimentary consultation when you call (310) 928-1796 now.

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