Having a great smile can be important to you for several reasons. Whether we like it or not, people often make a judgment about you based on the first impression they have of you. This can happen in a job interview, a date, or any other social setting. The smile you put forward in these situations will say a lot about you, and if you are less-than-confident in the smile you have, it will show. There are ways that you can go about correcting any flaws you may have in your smile, and when you go see Dr. Alex Farnoosh at his office at The Total Smile, he can help remake your smile so that you have the winning, confident look you want.
Dr. Alex Farnoosh Can Remake Your Smile for You

A Doctor with Expertise and Credentials

Dr. Farnoosh has vast experience and expertise in the field of periodontics and cosmetic dentistry. He has been practicing for over thirty years and has served on the staff at the University of Southern California as a professor in the school of dentistry for many years. He holds several patented treatments for issues like dark gums and his approach to treatments have changed the ways many other periodontists and cosmetic dentists treat their patients around the world.

A Doctor That Cares about You

Dr. Alex Farnoosh takes great care of each patient he sees, spending the time to get to know you and learn what matters most to you about your smile and dental health. His experience allows him to provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your oral health and offer you the best solutions possible to help you improve. He places a high importance on your comfort and satisfaction with the results achieved so that you can leave with the smile that makes you feel better and more confident.

Come to Us to See Dr. Farnoosh

If you would like to remake your smile and have the smile that can have a strong impact on your life, please come to see him at The Total Smile and schedule an appointment with Dr. Alex Farnoosh. You can arrange for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Farnoosh by calling his office at (310) 928-1796 or feel free to check out his website online. They will schedule a visit for you so you can come in, meet Dr. Farnoosh, and talk about your wants and needs to improve your smile so you can learn what he can do to help you achieve your goals.

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