When something is not quite right with the way your smile looks, you may immediately feel self-conscious about it. You think that everyone is taking notice of the same flaws that you have found, particularly if you see that you have too much gum tissue showing every time you smile. Looking at pictures or looking in the mirror may make you feel embarrassed by how you think you look, and it can bother you enough that you find yourself smiling less frequently. If you are bothered by your gummy smile in Beverly Hills, there are steps you can take to help correct the issue.

Finding Out about Gummy Smile

While you may think you are the only one that is dealing with this smile issue, the truth is that millions of people have what is known as a gummy smile. Approximately fifteen percent of all people in the United States have this condition, and it is quite prevalent in women and young people. Your smile is like this through no fault of your own; most often it is a result of genetics, and there are a variety of dental issues that can be associated with a gummy smile. Seeing an experienced periodontist and cosmetic dentist such as at The Total Smile can help you determine the cause and provide you with a solution.

Treating a Gummy Smile

There is quality treatment available for a gummy smile in Beverly Hills when you come to see them with The Total Smile. In the past, most cosmetic dentists fixed the issue through detailed, painful, and expensive surgical means involving the jawbone. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, the cosmetic dentist at their facility, offers a better solution and has established a lip-lowering process where your upper lip can be repositioned to cover more of your gum line, leaving you with the beautiful smile you want. The technique is far less invasive, has fewer risks and side effects, and is easier to recover from.

Personalized Care for Gummy Smile

At The Total Smile, they can offer you the personalized, specialized care you want for your gummy smile in Beverly Hills. To learn more about treatment for a gummy smile, you can read more by visiting their website online so that some of your questions can be answered. You can also call them at (310) 928-1796 to inquire further or to book a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh so that you can discuss the issue further and learn what he can do to help you fix your smile.

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