The dental implant procedure is carried out on those with missing or broken teeth. It is a safe procedure carried out by an expert dentist to give you your deserved smile.

Dr. Alex Farnoosh Dental Implant Specialist Los Angeles: Dental Implant 101

One of the most humiliating experiences you might have in public is when someone comments negatively about your missing teeth. Your social life and productivity can become adversely affected.
Luckily, technology today has enabled dentists to do dental implants and provide a permanent solution to your missing teeth. You might have questions concerning the procedure, its safety, and where to go for your dental implant. This blog answers all your questions.

How can a Dental Implant specialist in Los Angeles help?

Your dental implant specialist will use artificial teeth and fix them in your jaw. But before he does that, he will book you for surgery and first implant some titanium metal posts into your jawbone. He will leave the implants there and let the bone grow to provide firm support for the replacement teeth. Once the bone has grown around the implants, the doctor will fix the artificial teeth and the jaw bone will become the anchor.

Who should get a dental implant?

Before booking you for surgery, your Dental implant specialist in Los Angeles will do tests to confirm your fitness for surgery and implant. He will do several tests to help him confirm that you are fit enough. First, he will confirm that your immune system is good and then test your gum and confirm it’s healthy.
Your jawbone must be strong enough to hold the replacement teeth firmly. The doctor may recommend a different procedure if you are pregnant, have an infectious disease or you are a heavy smoker. If all your health conditions are good, you qualify for a dental implant.

What procedures are involved?

Your first step is to consult your dental implant specialist and he will immediately evaluate you to determine how serious your dental condition is. Evaluation involves x-rays and general questions like whether you have any pain in your mouth, do you smoke, do you have any medical condition, and so on.
If the dentist is convinced you are fit for the implant, he will first explain to you the entire procedure you will undergo, and once you give consent, the dentist will give you a date for the procedure. During surgery, your affected teeth will be removed and the dentist will have your jaw bone assessed again. The procedure will be carried out and then you will have to wait a few months to heal but you will keep visiting your dentist routinely. Once healed, a screw will be screwed into the jaw bone and then the artificial tooth will be added and you will not need to worry for the rest of your life.

What benefits will I get?

You will get several benefits like better speeches. Better chewing ability, improved look, and enhanced oral health.

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A lot of procedures are involved in a dental implant procedure but your dentist will help you understand the whole procedure and what you should expect. If the procedure is done by an experienced dentist, you should never experience any problems after. Dr. Alex Farnoosh is an experienced Dental Implant Specialist and he will ensure you get back the smile you deserve. Call now at (310) 928-1796 for more information. 

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