Lip lowering surgery involves repositioning the upper lip to expose less of the gum line when smiling. The recovery period is much shorter than required for jaw surgery and there are substantially fewer risks and side effects. Lip Lowering Surgery Cost is also significantly less than jaw surgery. In most cases, it only requires a local anesthetic and recovery is quick with minimal side effects. The cost will depend on the specific patient and the complexity of the case.

Reason for lip lowering surgery

Your smile may expose a larger than average amount of gum tissue and show a disproportionate ratio of gum to tooth. Lip lowering surgery repositions your upper lip so that less of the gum line is seen when you smile. Careful incisions are made in the existing tissue that connects the lip to the gums and a technique is performed to limit the movement of your upper lip. It may be necessary to combine lip lowering surgery with other treatments, such as gum contouring.

Compare lip lowering surgery cost with other methods

In the past, invasive and risky jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) was the only corrective procedure for a gummy smile. Today, there are a number of other options available, and lip lowering surgery is one of the most popular ones. Botox injections cost less than lip lowering surgery but the results are only temporary. Gum contouring costs less than lip lowering surgery but is often combined with it for the best results.
Lip Lowering Surgery Cost

Lip lowering surgery cost depends on the case complexity

Insufficient lip length, an overbite, overgrowth of gum tissue, short teeth, and a lip that pulls back too far when you smile are some of the causes of a gummy smile. Addressing the problem will depend on the cause and may involve using both surgical and non-surgical methods. Different methods have varying costs and the cost of surgery is more expensive than the cost of non-surgical methods.

Financing options

Costs depend on the amount of treatment you need and the more gum you show, the more work has to be done to correct it. There may be other factors involved in repositioning surgery, so you must discuss prices with the dentist. It is possible to make a lip lowering procedure more affordable by applying for convenient financing options through a leading healthcare credit company. Applications usually only take only a few minutes and you receive an online decision quickly.

Contact a periodontist in Los Angeles

You can start smiling with total confidence and know that your teeth are the focus and not your gums when you choose lip lowering correction surgery. Request a consultation with periodontist Dr. Farnoosh, or call (310) 928-1796 to set up an appointment. He will discuss the appropriate treatment plan with you and the costs involved so you can apply for financing if necessary.

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