A receding gum line can have different causes. If the recession is minimal and is due to over-aggressive brushing, modifying the brushing technique can keep it at bay. However, if it’s the result of periodontal disease it will worsen over time without treatment and cause bad breath, sensitive teeth, and bone deterioration, eventually leading to more alarming health conditions. A Gum Receding Dentist Los Angeles can treat the physical appearance of gum recession that makes people feel so self-conscious.

Traditional treatment

In the past, surgically invasive, painful grafting procedures were used that involved taking tissue from the patient’s own palate. These traditional grafting procedures cause pain and the recovery period can be a long one. Fortunately, it is now possible to treat periodontal disease using the latest technology and laser treatments.

Pinhole grafting technique

Certain periodontists are certified and trained to perform the pinhole grafting technique which is a minimally invasive way to treat receding gums. Unlike soft tissue grafting, this technique is suture-and scalpel-free and starts with creating a pinhole in the receding gum tissue. A device is then placed in the hole that moves the gum into a better position. Collagen strips are then inserted to hold the gums in place instead of sutures until new tissue secures them in the new location.

Advantages of this method

Using naturally derived material instead of tissue from the patient’s own palate means the patient does not have to go through additional surgery and unnecessary discomfort. A patient can have the whole mouth treated at once which saves time and money. Another advantage is that the healing process is not as long or as painful as more traditional methods. Patients with receding gums can arrive at the dental office looking “long in the tooth” and leave an hour later with a beautiful smile.
Gum Receding Dentist Los Angeles

Suitable candidates

The pinhole method is a viable and worthwhile option if your receding gums are more of an aesthetic issue than a dental health issue. Ideally, you should be healthy, periodontally stable from disease or decay and be free of diabetes or autoimmune disorders. People with active periodontal disease are not likely to be candidates for this treatment.

Risks and recovery

The treatment can be life-changing for those who suffer from a lack of confidence due to the appearance of their receding gums. The risks are reduced due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure. The post-operative pain is minimal and as blood supply isn’t cut during the procedure, patients heal at a much faster rate than when using traditional grafting surgeries.

 Contact a gum receding dentist Los Angeles

Dr. Farnoosh is a gum receding dentist Los Angeles who is certified and trained to use the pinhole grafting technique. This can offer patients with receding gums a life-changing smile makeover. You can request an appointment using his online form or call (310) 928-1796 to set up a consultation.

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