You may think that you are alone because you have dark gum tissue in your mouth, but the truth is that there are millions of people around the world facing the same issue. Darker gums are a common occurrence for several reasons, including genetics, smoking, medications and even an underlying gum disease. The best first step for you to take is to get examined by your dentist or a qualified periodontist to determine the cause of the darker gums. Once you know the reasons for the issue, you then want to seek out the proper treatment to get rid of the dark gum tissue. You can get gum bleaching in Beverly Hills that will provide you with the positive, permanent results you want when you come to us at The Total Smile.

The Truth about Laser Treatments

When you go to see many periodontists today about dark gums, they will offer as treatment the use of lasers to remove the darker tissues. While the treatment can be effective in removing dark tissues, there are consistent problems with the treatment that prevent it from being the best choice for you. Laser treatment is noted for lasting just a short amount of time, and a large percentage of patients need to return again and again for the same treatment. Laser treatment is also known to be quite uncomfortable for patients and has an often-painful recovery time.

A Better, More Successful Method

The gum bleaching in Beverly Hills that you will receive with us at The Total Smile is far different from laser treatment and provides much better results. Dr. Alex Farnoosh is the pioneer of this gum bleaching technique and has been performing it for nearly twenty-five years. Thousands of patients from around the world have come to us for treatment and receive amazing results with no return of the dark gum tissue.

Request a Consultation

To find out more about the gum bleaching in Beverly Hills we can provide for you that will change your life, request a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh at our office at The Total Smile. You can give us a call at 310-657-0503 to speak with a member of our team and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Farnoosh. He can perform an evaluation, present you with treatment options and answer any questions you may have so that you can move forward and get rid of those dark gums for good.

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