In order to have the type of smile that you want, you need to do more than have white teeth that sparkle. While it is important to take the best care of your teeth so you can have a great smile, you also need to pay attention to the condition of your gums. If your gums look off, they can affect the way your smile looks to you and others. Many people find that the color of their gums is darker than they think it should be, influencing the way their smile is seen. There are treatments you can seek out that can assist you in getting rid of dark gums, including our innovative whitening technique here at The Total Smile. You may wonder if our gum bleaching in Los Angeles is painful and what it entails, and here are a few facts that can give you the information you want.

A Pain-Free Procedure

Unlike many of the other gum lightening techniques you may find with other periodontists, the method used by our doctor, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is a unique one that leaves you without pain. While other doctors may make use of laser treatments or even older treatments where dark gum tissue is removed surgically, our treatment is a unique combination of a gum whitening with a solution followed by a gentle dermabrasion technique to remove any remaining dark areas of the gum tissue. You will get amazing, dramatic results from our treatment that you will not believe and have an easy recovery time.

Benefits of Our Treatment

There are several benefits when you come to us at The Total Smile for gum bleaching in Los Angeles. Most often, the patients we see only need to come to us for a single treatment instead of multiple sessions for treatment. The results our treatment provides are permanent, so you will not have to return for future treatments down the road, saving you time and money. You will feel an immediate sense of relief and a restoration of your confidence in your smile when you see the results.

Get More Information

You can get more information about the gum bleaching in Los Angeles that we can provide for you when you visit our website at The Total Smile. You can learn more about our treatment and see how effective it has been for many other patients by going through our website. You can then arrange for a consultation by calling us at 310-657-0503 so you can take the steps towards getting the better smile you want without risk of pain.

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