Having dark gums is a sign of a dental flaw. It makes you feel self-conscious when you smile. As a result, it lowers your self-esteem. But Dr. Farnoosh can fix it through his gum bleaching treatment. 

Does Your Dark Gum Tissue Interfere with Your Smile? Read About Our Gum Bleaching Options

Pink is the normal color of your gum tissue. But if the tissue has a high concentration of melanin, your gums can look dark. 

Your genes are the main culprit here. But other factors can still affect it. Smoking and medication are just two of the many reasons you have dark gums. 

If you live in Africa, dark gums are a sign of beauty. But in the US, people perceive dark gums as unattractive. 

A Single Visit to The Total Smile 

Gum bleaching at Dr. Farnoosh’s Beverly Hills clinic takes less than an hour to complete. But our periodontist will first evaluate your case to give you customized treatment. 

One of the worries of his patients is the side effect. 

The gum bleaching method that our periodontist uses is a safe lightening medication. It’s painless and quick. 

However, you may need laser treatment to improve your gum appearance. 

The entire process is safe and the results are instant. It means that after an hour or so, you will see the results that you desire. 

What If You Have Gum Infection? 

Before you can take advantage of your gum depigmentation, your gums must not have any infection or disease. 

In that case, if you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, Dr. Farnoosh will first treat it. 

For that reason, it’s important to screen your gums first before performing the procedure. 

After treating your gum disease, Dr. Farnoosh can start the bleaching procedure. 

Treating any gum disorder is a priority because healthy gums respond better.  

Thin Gum Tissues 

You may not undergo this procedure. The reason for this is that thin gum tissues can expose your root surfaces. 

However, Dr. Farnoosh will find a way to resolve any issue you may have with your gums so you can benefit from gum depigmentation. 

Our Gum Bleaching Options Are Superior to Laser Treatment 

The gum bleaching options offered here are superior to the laser treatment offered by laser device manufacturers. Furthermore, laser treatment needs several sessions for you to see the results. 

But Dr. Farnoosh’s method can give you optimal improvement in one visit. 

Gum Bleaching in Los Angeles
     Gum Bleaching in Los Angeles

Will Your Dark Gums Come Back? 

Many of his patients didn’t experience dark gums again even after 15 years of treatment. Gum bleaching treatment at Total Smile has a long track record. 

His patients are from anywhere in the world. They travel miles long just to receive treatment from Dr. Farnoosh. He’s an expert in aesthetic gum lightening. 

Gum Bleaching Options That Offer Long-Lasting Results 

The gum bleaching options at Total Smile is a great way for you to improve the appearance of your dark gums. You don’t have to hide your beautiful smile because of your black gums. 

Stop by Total Smile today to know more about the gum bleaching of Dr. Farnoosh. He can help you enjoy healthy-looking gums. Call  (310) 928-1796

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