Dental implants in Los Angeles are an expensive investment. But it’s a worthy investment. However, you can’t enjoy your dental implants fully if you still have gum disease. That’s why before you even consider having dental implants, you need to see a periodontist in LA first. 

LA Periodontics Expert in Treating Gum Disease 

The success of your dental implants will depend on the natural tissues that support them. In that case, the tissues must be free from bacterial plaque and other dental issues. 

Any gum disease won’t directly affect dental implants. However, the natural tissues around them will get affected. 

A gum infection, for one, can easily weaken the bone that supports the implant causing it to fail. 

Infection that involves the implants can progress rapidly because they don’t have the right defenses, unlike when you have original teeth. 

Keep in mind that the jaw connects to your natural teeth through a ligament. The connection allows access to natural defenses that the body produces to prevent and fight infection. 

It’s better to sort your infection out ASAP than to ignore it. 

How to Treat Gum Disease Affecting Dental Implants? 

Treating this condition is similar to treating gum infections with natural teeth. The only difference is that our periodontist will use a specialized tool to remove the plaque or infection. 

Instruments made of plastic are common when removing plaque from the dental implant. They won’t scratch the porcelain and metal surfaces of the implant. 

If you choose to have your dental implants at Total Smile, Dr. Farnoosh will treat your gum infection first before planting the implants. This is necessary to guarantee success in the treatment. 

Without periodontal treatment before dental implants, you may still suffer from gum and dental issues that can lead to dental implant failure. 

People know Dr. Farnoosh as the LA periodontics expert who can treat any type of gum infection. He has adequate knowledge and experience to treat gum issues immediately, thereby preventing further issues from happening. 

To make sure that your dental implants will remain healthy for longer, you need to see a highly qualified periodontist. 

What Gum Treatments You Need 

Before you will know the gum treatments that you need, you must undergo an initial consultation with Dr. Farnoosh. 

He can assist you in keeping your dental implants intact while maintaining your gums healthy. 

As our periodontist discusses your options, you will have a better understanding of how the treatment will go and what to expect from it. In that way, it will be a lot easier for you to decide what road to take. 

Dental Implants in Los Angeles
             Dental Implants in Los Angeles

But before you come in and consult with our periodontist, make sure that you schedule an appointment with him. Our dental office treats many patients each day. 

And to help us provide each patient with high-quality care, we’ll devote ample time to treat whatever issue that patient has. 

If you wish to know what treatments that our periodontist in LA can offer you to keep your dental implants healthy, please arrange an initial consultation by calling us at (310) 928-1796

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