When you have gum pain, swelling, or bleeding, it can be an indication that you have gum disease. Gum disease when it is in a severe form is also known as periodontitis. When left untreated, it can cause tooth loss and serious infections. If you are seeking gum disease treatment, we are here to help.

Please do not wait to get in touch with our Beverly Hills dentist to set up a free consultation. This should be something that you treat with urgency. You do not want to go without treatment. Call our office today to get on the appointment book right away.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is the inflammation and irritation of the gums surrounding the teeth.

There are several things that can cause gum disease. The triggers mainly include poor oral hygiene, chronic stress, hormonal changes, grinding your teeth, eating poorly, genetics, and more.

This is completely treatable, but it certainly does get dangerous without treatments. We want you to get straight to the dentist if you suspect that you have gum disease.

You might notice that there is redness around the teeth, your gums may bleed very easily when you brush your teeth or floss, and in severe cases, the teeth might start to loosen. These are big indicators that you are suffering from gum disease.

What Are My Gum Disease Treatment Options

Our Beverly Hills dentist can treat minor to moderate gum disease with cleanings. In more severe cases, it might call for gum contouring. There is also a treatment option using lasers.

This is a relatively new dental treatment for gum disease that is utilized by our Beverly Hills oral surgeon. The lights from the lasers are used on affected areas to rid them of bacteria and infected gum tissue.

The laser treatment intends to minimize the amount of pain that you are in. It is also meant to control the bleeding of the gums. Another benefit of laser treatments is that you will be able to recover quicker than more conventional treatments like gum contouring which is where there is the removal of gum tissue.

If you have a very severe form of periodontitis, the options for gum disease treatment would include something called flap surgery or tissue grafting.

We want you to know that whatever level of gum disease you have, we can tackle it together. Remember that you need to keep up your oral hygiene at home if you want to avoid the recurrence of your symptoms.

Call Our Beverly Hills Dentist Today

When you need gum disease treatment, please reach out to our Beverly Hills dentist right away. We care about you and want you to start feeling better right away. Please give our office a call to get set up with an appointment right away. Gum disease cannot wait. Get treatment as soon as possible.


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