Are you unhappy with the appearance of your gums because they are too dark or discolored? Our Beverly Hills dentist has a lot of experience helping people improve the appearance of their gums. If you want to fix dark gums, give us a call right away.

We would be happy to set you up with a free consultation.

What Causes Dark Gums?

There are several reasons why you might have dark gums, some of which pose no health risks. A lot of people want gum bleaching treatment for cosmetic reasons.

If you have old amalgam fillings, they can cause darkening on your gums. Another reason why you might need to fix dark gums is simply genetics. If you are someone with more melanin in your skin, your gums may also be dark. While this is completely normal and natural, we would be glad to help you if you want to lighten your gums.

Smoking can also cause your gums to be dark. This could possibly be resolved if you quit smoking.

Our Treatment to Fix Dark Gums

If you want to lighten your gums to give yourself a healthier and younger-looking smile, you can call our office to get set up with a free consultation for gum bleaching treatment. This is a safe and effective treatment that was pioneered by our Beverly Hills dentist in the 90s.

It involves placing a solution on your gums, either the entirety of them or spots that are discolored. You will have a topical numbing agent placed.

Dr. Farnoosh used this technique on himself many years ago and still reaps the rewards of having been through the treatment.

Call Our Beverly Hills Dentist Today

If you want to learn more about how to fix dark gums, please get in touch with us right away. We care about giving you a smile that you are proud of. We are here to help. Set up a free consultation with us to meet with our dentist and discuss your treatment.

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