They all want to have that beautiful, winning smile to show to everyone around them. Having a great smile adds so much to life. It makes you feel better about yourself and gives you greater feelings of confidence, allowing you to accomplish more of what you want in life. When you think your smile does not look quite right, it can have the opposite effect on you. Suddenly, you no longer smile as much, do not feel good about the way you look, and your confidence and self-esteem can be lacking. Taking steps to change the way you feel about your smile is important and with the help of the gummy specialist in Beverly Hills here at The Total Smile. It changes your smile for the better and feel good about yourself again in your everyday life.

Issues that Take You to a Gummy Specialist

There can be several issues you have with your gums that can lead you to a gummy specialist. For some people, you may face an issue where you have too much gum tissue showing when you smile. Known as a gummy smile, this issue can leave you with a smile that looks unflattering to you. Others may have problems where their gum tissue is too dark and does not present the typical pink hue that most of their association with healthy gums. Either of these issues can be addressed by our expert here at The Total Smile.

The Specialist in Beverly Hills

At The Total Smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is the gummy specialist in Beverly Hills that you want to see. Dr. Farnoosh has been one of the leaders in specialized gum treatment. He has helped to develop revolutionary treatments for a gummy smile and gum whitening. His procedures are far more effective than those used in the past and provide patients with a more comfortable experience and recovery. You can get the great-looking gums and smile you want without the pain and discomfort often caused by the procedures of the past.

Get Expert Care from Our Specialist

If you want the expert care of a gummy specialist in Beverly Hills to help bring out the best smile you can have, make sure to contact The Total Smile. You can learn more about the services we can provide when arranging a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh. Alternatively, you can phone (310) 928-1796 to ask questions or schedule a consultation so you can find out how we can help transform your smile.

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