Do you feel self-conscious about your smile because it displays too much of your gums? You may not know why this happens, but you are looking for a solution. A hyperactive lip may be causing you to have a smile that you don’t love.

If you want to learn how to fix this issue, please keep reading. Our Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Farnoosh, has been helping patients achieve their smile goals for many years. We would be more than happy to get you set up with a consultation with him right away. Give our office a call to get started!

What is a Hyperactive Lip?

Most patients that we see for our gummy smile surgery have hyperactive lips. This refers to the top lip moving too far up the gum line when you smile, exposing a lot of gums.

It can be embarrassing to smile if you have a hyperactive top lip. Although there is no danger of having this condition, treatment is often sought after to fix the issue and improve the appearance of the smile.

Diagnosing hyperactive lips is relatively simple to do. Our Beverly Hills dentist can essentially look at your smile and be able to tell you if you would be a good candidate for our gummy smile surgery.

Please keep reading to learn more about how we can fix hyperactive lips.

Treatment We Provide for a Hyperactive Lip

We offer a patented gummy smile surgery to treat hyperactive lips. It is a straightforward procedure that requires minimal invasion.

The surgery is done by creating several strategically placed incisions inside of the top lip that will prevent it from moving too high up the gumline once it heals.

You may feel some tightness of your upper lip while you are recovering from the surgery. It would be best if you were careful not to make large facial movements, so you do not disrupt your stitches while your mouth heals.

Once you are healed up, you can enjoy a smile that shows just enough of your gums. This surgery can help you feel confident in your smile.

Will I Need to Be Sedated?

Sedation is usually not required for a gummy smile surgery unless you have extreme dental anxiety or a phobia. We want to be able to help you be as comfortable as possible.

Your dentist will provide a local anesthetic to you to numb the area in which we will be making the incisions. If you do not think that you would be able to sit through this surgery without sedation, we can discuss your options with you.

You could take an oral medication prior to coming to your surgery, but you would need a ride home. You may also have nitrous oxide offered to you.

We do not usually use general anesthesia for treatments like this because of the risks that come with using that strong of sedation. We prefer to opt for conscious sedation.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

You likely have a lot of questions about this gummy smile surgery for your hyperactive lip. We can provide answers for you and address any concerns you have during a free consultation with our Beverly Hills dentist.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away. We want you to have the treatment you need to give you the results that you deserve. Feel confident in your smile with the help of our gummy smile surgery.

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