Wisdom teeth are not the only reason for a tooth extraction. Many adults require a tooth to be pulled at some point in their life. There are many reasons why you may need to have an extraction done. Please keep reading to learn more.

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Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions happen for various reasons. Impacted wisdom teeth need to be pulled out to prevent ruining the alignment of neighboring teeth and infection. Decayed teeth should be removed in order to avoid gum disease and illness as well. If a patient is getting braces, they may need a tooth extraction to allow room for teeth to be correctly aligned. Sometimes stubborn baby teeth will need to be removed to make room for adult teeth.

Will It Hurt?

Our Beverly Hills dentist uses local anesthesia for minor extractions to numb the area and limit the discomfort you feel during the procedure. You may feel some pressure and movement, but it should not be painful.

If you are having a tooth that is impacted or broken taken out, you are likely going to be provided with sedation. You may be given an IV, nitrous oxide, or oral medication. In special cases, you may be offered general anesthesia, but it is not often used for a tooth extraction unless absolutely necessary.

How to Prepare

Preparing for tooth extraction is relatively straightforward. You will meet with your dentist to have an X-ray done before the tooth is taken out, so they know what needs to be done to get it out. If it is broken or impacted, that might affect the sedation options you are given.

Tell your doctor about any medications you take, including vitamins and supplements. Before performing the extraction, they will ask you if you have health conditions such as heart problems, thyroid disease, hypertension, etc.

They will also want to know if you have had or will have a procedure that uses bisphosphonate, as this can affect your jawbone health and cause bone death if your extraction takes place after this procedure.

Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

You should be able to recover from your tooth extraction within a few days. You can place an icepack up against your cheek to reduce swelling.

You may be prescribed medication, but you should be able to manage your pain levels with OTC painkillers.

You will want to be mindful that your body needs to produce a clot in the area where your tooth was extracted, so avoid using a straw, rinsing your mouth, smoking, or chewing tough foods.

The best foods to stick to the day of and after your extraction includes yogurt, applesauce, pudding, etc. Soft foods that aren’t extremely hot or cold will feel best.

We would want to see you back in the office if you are still having pain after several days or if you spike a fever, as this could be a sign that you have an infection.

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