While you work hard to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best, you still feel that something does not seem quite right. Upon closer inspection, you notice that the problem is not with your teeth – it is with your gums. Your gums are a much darker color than you have ever seen, and you are concerned about your health and how your gums look. You smile less, trying to hide the look, and you feel self-conscious. What can you do to correct this? You have heard about teeth whitening to make your teeth look whiter, but can they do anything about the color of your gums? The answer is yes when you come to us at The Total Smile. The unique gum bleaching in Beverly Hills that we offer can give your gums the natural color you want most.

See Our Periodontist about Gum Health

Before you agree to or undergo any bleaching procedure, you want to make sure you get examined by an experienced periodontist first. A trustworthy and quality doctor will not undertake a bleaching procedure with a patient if they have any kind of infection or issue with gum health. You want to make sure you are screened, and your gums are healthy enough to undergo the procedure, making it less likely you will experience any irritation once the process is done. Getting a thorough exam from our periodontist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, will let you know your gum health, what should be done, and what your best options are for treatment.
Unique Gum Bleaching in Beverly Hills

The Bleaching Process

Once you have been cleared to have gum bleaching in Beverly Hills, the process is straightforward for you. Typically, a numbing agent paste is put on your gums before the procedure to help make things as comfortable as possible for you. Dr. Farnoosh can then begin the system that he pioneered over twenty years ago, using a gum bleaching technique that helps to get rid of dark spots and discoloration on your gums. If there are any problematic spots to reach, a microdermabrasion technique is used to help get rid of these spots. The method is highly effective, without complications, and you can return to normal talking, eating and drinking right away. You can walk away with the beautiful gums you want in just one session and get results that can last a lifetime.

Learn More about Gum Bleaching

The gum bleaching in Beverly Hills we perform at our office here at The Total Smile can change your looks and your life. If you want to find out more about gum bleaching and the gum treatments we can perform, please refer to the information you can find on our web pages. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the website, or you can phone us at (310) 928-1796. We will be happy to answer your questions and arrange for a no-charge consultation with Dr. Farnoosh so you can find out all the possibilities available to give you nicer-looking gums and a gorgeous smile.

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