Not everyone is always perfect when it comes to dental hygiene. While you may do what you can to keep your teeth healthy and you do see a dentist, other factors can influence your oral health. The foods you eat, smoking and drinking, the medications you take, your atmosphere, and even genetics can all play a role in how healthy your teeth are, but they can also affect the health of your gums. Your gum health is not something to overlook or put off. Gums that are unhealthy can do more than changing the look of your smile. Poor gum health can lead to other health problems that can become quite serious. Healthy gums matter and make a difference, which is why seeing a periodontist in Los Angeles is something you should strongly consider.

A Periodontist Plays an Important Role

Just like you would see specialists to help you with your heart, kidneys, lungs, or other parts of your body, seeing someone that specializes in keeping your gums healthy and treating them can help you ward off potential problems. Sore gums are often a common problem for people, making brushing your teeth painful and sensitive chore. You may even have gums that bleed when you brush, or your gums are painful when you eat or drink something. This high sensitivity can be the indication of a gum problem and seeing a periodontist as soon as you can will help catch a developing problem with your gums before it develops into gingivitis or periodontal disease.
a Periodontist in Los Angeles

Better Health Thanks to a Periodontist

Going to a periodontist in Los Angeles can help you to improve your health in different ways. If your gums are sensitive and painful, you may have trouble eating and drinking so you are not getting the nutrients and nourishment you need to be healthy. Problems with gums, such as bleeding and gingivitis can be breeding grounds for bacteria, allowing the bacteria to get into your bloodstream. This can potentially cause problems for you with your heart and make you more prone to cardiovascular issues. Your periodontist can treat you to help get rid of plaque and build up beneath the gum line that is causing problems for you, allowing good health to be restored to your gums and your body.

Contact Us for a Periodontist Appointment

If you are ready to do something about the health of your gums, contact us here at The Total Smile so you can make an appointment with a periodontist in Los Angeles. Our periodontist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, has treated thousands of patients over the years and is considered one of the top doctors in his field today. You can learn about him and the services we offer through the information provided on our website so you can find out just what can be done to help you. Then give us a call at (310) 928-1796 to schedule a free consult and initial exam so you can learn how we can help make your gums healthier.

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