It can be the worst thing in the world to suffer from a smile that shows a lot of gum rather than simply your teeth. Each time you smile or grin, and your lip lifts up to expose your gums, you wish that you could find someone to help you. You might have visited dentists before, who want to transform your smile using lip fillers and uncomfortable treatments that don’t really work. Rather than focus upon filling up the space around your gums to keep your lips lower, we recommend that you try the treatments of a gummy smile specialist dentist in Beverly Hills, who will work with you to create the smile you have always wanted.

Avoiding Fillers For A Better Smile

Traditional gummy smile treatments involve the use of collagen or dermal fillers which are injected into the lip. Sometimes, the treatment would also require that the jawbone be cut to reduce the length of the lip. This was painful and invasive and could lead to serious side effects. Rather than use these traditional methods, Dr Farnoosh has attempted to create a technique that offers better results, time after time. With a Total Smile treatment, you can get the same look as traditional gummy treatment, but without the pain of surgery or extensive and invasive dental treatment.
A Gummy Smile

Correcting The Whole Of Your Smile

We know that a gummy smile correction can be the start of something wonderful, giving you confidence and allowing you to laugh and smile more easily than ever before. With help from a dentist who is experienced in treating these smiles, you can get better service than simply having the filler injected every few months. The Total Smile treatment is also safer than the more traditional forms, so you could get better results from it while also getting a smile that really works. In addition, you will be paying a more affordable price, rather than the jaw surgery treatments that can cost you close to $50,000. Treating the gummy smile by lowering the jaw, as well as by other treatments such as lengthening the teeth or removing excess gum tissue, will create a perfect smile that you will have the confidence to display, leaving you feeling relaxed and happy in any social situation.

Get Gummy Smile Correction Today

In addition to fixing the excessive gum line of your smile, we can also help you with other corrections, including whitening the teeth, to give you added confidence or straightening or correcting teeth alignment to give you that great smile you have always wanted. We know how to provide you with affordable smiles for less than you would pay for jaw surgery, so get treatment today from Dr. Farnoosh, a gummy smile specialist in Beverly Hills. To find out how we can help you with your smile, contact The Total Smile clinic today by sending us an email message, or by calling the clinic at (310) 928-1796 now.

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