You have been searching for help with your problem smile for many years, hoping to find a dentist who can offer you revolutionary treatments that will solve your problems for good. You may have attempted corrections before that have failed, or that only last for a short time. The results may have been good while they lasted, but ultimately you end up right where you started, with no-one to help you get a smile that endures. This is where you need the help and advice of Dr Farnoosh, the expert dentist at The Total Smile, and a gum specialist in LA who can help you with all kinds of problem smiles.

Fixing Common Problems

There are several types of problems which we see every day in our clinic, such as teeth which need to be whitened, or teeth which are slightly misaligned, and need to be straightened to give you a better smile and to make eating more comfortable. Very often, we see patients come to us with a condition known as gummy smile. This is where the top lip rides up when you smile or laugh, exposing your gums and making it seem as though your teeth are tiny. Some people find this smile unattractive, and need help in correcting it in order to ensure that you have a better smile. We offer a unique treatment that will deliver the smile you have been waiting for, and that will give you a confidence boost so that you can smile and laugh in any social setting.
a Gum Specialist

Fixing Your Gummy Smile

Most patients come to us because they are seeking help for their gummy smile, and want assistance in reducing the amount of gum that they show when they smile. Most dentists recommend a type of jaw surgery, where the bone of the jaw is reduced so that there is less area for the gum. However, we don’t believe that this is necessary, and can instead offer you a more modern treatment that doesn’t require that the jaw be treated. Our treatments will mean that you don’t have to have your jaw wired in order to recover from the surgery, and in fact you will be paying a lot less when you come to have your gummy smile fixed with us.

Get The Perfect Smile With Us

Whatever the reason for your desire to visit a dental clinic in Los Angeles, we are here to help you. We can offer alignment correction, implants, crowns and gum reducing treatments. We can also whiten your teeth so that your perfect smile is the best it can be. To talk to Dr Farnoosh, The Total Smile’s teeth and gum specialist in LA, you should contact the team and seek an appointment. You can do this by either sending us an online message with your questions, which we will answer promptly, or by calling The Total Smile clinic directly at (310) 928-1796 now to arrange a consultation.

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