When you suffer from dark gums, you may be very ashamed, and hold back every time you smile. You know that people think that darker gums are a sign of bad dental health, and you also fear that you are being judged, while there is very little that you can do about it. You hesitate to reveal even a little bit of the gum, and so your smile is a thin line which shows only a little bit of your teeth, and your laugh is reluctant and short-lived, because you worry that people might look inside your mouth, and judge your dark gum line. At the same time, you know that your fears about exposing your gums are holding back your career and social life. Rather than continue to suffer, you need to find a dentist specializing in treatment for dark gums in Los Angeles.
dark gums in los angeles

Get Smoother, More Even-Colored Gums

In the past, you may have tried to fix your gum problem using over-the-counter whitening agents, and these may have only served to make the problem worse, lightening up parts of your gums but leaving the rest dark, until it seems as though you have marbling in the gum line. Now you are even more reluctant to show off your gums, and this makes your smile seem forced, and your laughter fake. You could be harming your career chances by refusing to smile openly, and who knows what it is doing to your social life? Rather than risk any further damage to your life, you need to find someone to help you today.

Specialist Treatment For Dark Gums

You are looking for someone to help you with your gum problems, and what you need is a cosmetic dentist who can give you gum-lightening treatment that really works. If your gum darkening was caused by discoloration, and is mainly superficial, then you may benefit from a gum bleaching session, which can happen in a single appointment. If you have darker gums due to melanin, or there is another reason for this, then you may have de-pigmentation treatments with laser which are designed to change the way that your teeth look. All of this is very complicated, and so you need to get help from an expert in the area, who can assist you with your gum lightening treatment.

Get Specialist Treatments Today

You are lucky enough to be able to find a specialist in treating dark gums right in Los Angeles, so you won’t have to do go far to get the assistance you need. Right in Beverly Hills, Dr Farnoosh has developed a specialist treatment which is designed to help you remove discoloration or alter pigmentation for dark gums. Unlike other methods, which see relapse after so many months, this treatment has been shown to work for most patients for many years. To find out more about his treatments for dark gums, or to book an appointment, contact Dr A Farnoosh online, or call his clinic at (310) 928-1796 now.

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