You have a smile which is not quite perfect and know that in LA this might be considered a serious disadvantage. In order to overcome the problem, you are looking for a specialist cosmetic dentist who can help you to overcome your dental concerns, from dark gums to crooked teeth or other issues with your smile. You are interested in the work of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist with many years’ experience of working with LA people to create great smiles, and want to know more about him, and his success in getting the Total Smile before you seek an appointment. To discover how he can improve your teeth and get you smiling again, read on.
dr. alex farnoosh

The Cosmetic Dentist Of Beverly Hills

The dentist qualified in Periodontology 44 years ago at the University of Iowa, and has taught for nearly forty years at USC. A clinical professor and teacher of doctoral courses, among many other services to the University, he has been published many times in a wide number of publications and is an acknowledged specialist in the treatment of gums. He has also frequently been included in the Guide to America’s Top Dentist, which is a list of good dentists throughout the country. He is also able to care for his patients, the people of LA at his Total Smile clinic, where he specializes in the treatment of gum discoloration and gummy smiles.

Achieve The Smile You Deserve

Dr Farnoosh is here to help you get the smile that you deserve, and that means being able to laugh and smile in a way that comes naturally to you. Whether you have been holding back due to a fear of exposing too much of your gum line, or you are concerned about the color of your gums, Dr. Farnoosh can help you to smile. He has helped many patients, including celebrities and athletes from the Hollywood region, and he can assist you in getting the smile you have always wanted. His special knowledge, combined with the experience of four decades as a dentist, means that he can assist you to improve your smile and feel better about your teeth. You can discover more about his treatment specialties by reading about his gummy smile treatments, where he gives people the smile they have always wanted.

Talk To The Dentist Today

If you have decided that the only way to solve your problem smile is with the help of a cosmetic dentist, then you should put your trust in Dr. Alex Farnoosh. He has been a friend to many patients in LA who have given up on ever having a great smile, and he could also help you to fix problems with your smile. His comprehensive treatment system means that no part of your smile will be neglected as he fixes your teeth and gums, so why settle for anything less? Find out how you can be helped today by messaging the clinic online or make an appointment by calling (310) 928-1796 today. 

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