Do you feel self-conscious about your smile because it is too gummy? Many people have problems with their smiles because of excessive gum display. Fortunately, there are treatment options to fix a gummy smile. You may be wondering, “Is gum contouring dangerous?” Please keep reading to learn more. If you would like to set up a free consultation with our Beverly Hills dentist, call our office right away.

Infection Risk with Gum Contouring

Among the list of risks associated with a gum lift, infection is not usually the main concern. When you take back the gum line, it certainly does involve making incisions. These incisions are made with lasers, so they are very precise. You may be wondering if you need to worry about the infection from these incisions.

It is certainly possible that you may have difficulties with healing. This can happen with almost any dental procedure where the gums are disrupted. The importance of proper aftercare cannot be stressed enough. We will give you thorough instructions after your gum lift to help you avoid the possibility of having an infection.

So, is gum contouring dangerous? Not if you take proper aftercare.

Will Gum Contouring Make My Teeth Loose?

When you imagine what the gum lift will look like on you, you hope that it will be an entirely positive outcome. However, there is a chance that you may have issues when your healing is finished. In order for the teeth to feel loose after you are done healing, you would likely have to have some sort of gum infection. This is typically not the biggest concern of people getting a gum lift.

There is a very real worry that you will notice gaps in between the tops of your teeth. They may appear like black triangles in between your teeth. This can be very discouraging to see after you have had high hopes for the procedure.

When we provide you with this treatment, we do a thorough exam of your teeth, including imaging to see what the tooth structure looks like above the gum line. This helps us avoid the dreaded black triangles.

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