Are you looking for a gummy smile dentist who have help you fix your smile? Having excessive gum display can make you feel very self-conscious. We have been performing lip lowering surgeries for many years. If you want to receive experienced care to help give you a smile that you love, please do not wait to reach out to us. Our Beverly Hills dentist offers free initial consultations. You can get all your questions about this treatment answered.

What is a Lip Lowering Surgery?

According to studies, when a smile only has a minimal amount of gum display, it is perceived as more attractive. If you get very technical, you are looking for a smile that shows 1-3 mm of the gums. If you have a lot of your gums showing when you smile, this can create an unattractive smile. A lip lowering surgery can help.

This surgery involves making strategic incisions in the upper lip to prevent it from being hyper mobile. The incisions made in the upper lip will be sutured in place to heal. This is a very straightforward process that requires the experienced hand of a gummy smile dentist.

Cost of a Gummy Smile Surgery

The cost of the treatment that you receive is based on how complex your case is. You will be examined by Dr. Farnoosh to see the severity of your case. If your case needs more surgical work, you can expect to be paying around $10,000 for your surgery. If you have a simpler case, the cost of the surgery could be around $4,000.

If you would like to receive an accurate quote, we encourage you to reach out to our gummy smile dentist to set up a free consultation during which you will receive the examination you will need.

Recovery Time for a Lip Lowering Surgery

Before you commit to receiving a lip lowering surgery, you likely want to know about the recovery process. It is going to take approximately two weeks from the day of your surgery to heal up. You may feel like your top lip is tight during this time.

You need to be careful not to make any big facial expressions because your stitches are still healing. Do not worry about this feeling. It will go away as the incisions heal. Once you do heal, you can benefit from a better looking smile. Patients often report that their top lip looks fuller after their surgery.

Call Our Beverly Hills Gummy Smile Dentist Today

Are you looking to get your smile fixed? Our Beverly Hills gummy smile dentist has been helping people with excessive gum display get the treatment that they need for many years. Lip lowering surgery can let your self-esteem skyrocket. If you are interested in receiving this treatment, please do not hesitate to give our office a call to set up your first complimentary consultation.

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