Are you anticipating getting dental implants? We perform this dental surgery often. You likely have a lot of questions. We would be happy to get all of your questions answered by our skilled Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Farnoosh during a free consultation. We would be more than happy to take your call to get this consultation set up right away. In the meantime, please keep reading to learn more about getting dental implants.

Why is Dental Surgery Needed for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an invasive procedure. It requires opening up the gums, drilling into the existing jawbone structure, then placing a metal screw into the drilled hole. This metal screw is going to act as a post that will eventually hold a crown.

You undergo surgery and sedation because, without that, it can be painful. You will have a few weeks of a recovery period between your initial procedure and when you can get those dental crowns placed on the implanted posts. That is because we want to let the sutures have time to heal up, and we want the jawbone to be able to grow strong around the implant. This way, we know that the implant is secure.

Sedation for Dental Surgery

General anesthesia is not recommended for dental procedures due to the risk associated with it. You do not need your whole body affected by anesthesia to receive dental implants. Further, you do not need to be completely unconscious for this procedure.

We typically prefer to utilize conscious sedation as well as local anesthesia for a dental procedure such as an implant. If you are worried about being awake for the procedure, please know that many people fall asleep from the medicines. They do not put you all the way out, but there is a very real chance that you sleep through the procedure and wake up with very little memory of it.

A dental surgery in which we may utilize general anesthesia is bone grafting which can be far more invasive than a dental implant. If you want to learn more about sedation options for any more of the treatments we provide, please give our office a call to set up a free consultation.

Recovering from Dental Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you should expect to take the day away from work to take it easy. You will want to rest as much as possible and let the sedative wear off. You will probably need a ride home, depending on the type of sedative you were given. Most of them will leave you feeling drowsy afterward and unable to drive yourself home.

If you have any pain, have OTC pain relievers such as Tylenol ready for you to use in the days after your surgery. You may want to ice your jaw to relieve swelling, if there is any. You can keep a cold compress against your cheek for up to 15 minutes at a time. After a few days, your swelling should be reduced.

You will also receive in-depth care information from our Beverly Hills dentist. There will be foods that you should not eat, such as steak.

You will have a follow-up appointment for your crowns to be placed once you have healed enough.

Free Consultation with a Beverly Hills Dentist

Do you need a dental implant to restore your smile? We can answer all of your questions about your upcoming dental surgery with Dr. Farnoosh during a free consultation. You can get familiar with our care team and get comfortable with the procedure. We would be more than happy to get you set up with a free consultation when you give our office a call today.

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