Have you ever looked at your smile and felt self-conscious about how dark your gums are? You may wonder how they ended up like this if you haven’t always had naturally dark gums. Does poor oral hygiene cause your gums to darken? You may wonder if your choices have led to this unattractive issue.

Please keep reading to learn if oral hygiene is linked to having dark gums. If you would like to meet with our Beverly Hills dentist to treat your dark gums, please call us right away to set up a free consultation.

What is Poor Oral Hygiene?

To understand what poor oral hygiene is, you can first look at what good oral hygiene is. This is the practice of taking care of your mouth and making sure you are keeping it clean so that you can avoid dental issues and diseases.

Oral hygiene routines are done on a regular basis. Twice a day is best for taking care of a healthy mouth. A good routine is complete with brushing, flossing, and often mouthwash to get the most thorough clean.

If you have a poor routine, you may skip a lot of steps. You may not do your routine every day. Perhaps you don’t ever floss, or you have never used a fluoride mouthwash. You maybe even haven’t been to a dentist in a very long time.

All of these factors can lead to oral health problems. Keep reading to learn if oral health problems can be linked to dark or discolored gums.

Ways to Improve Poor Oral Hygiene

If you have missing steps in your oral care routine, you can begin to add them in. Start to associate your oral health routine with other routines you have in your life. If you take a morning shower, add in morning brushing and flossing sessions. Bring mouthwash to work and rinse after lunch. Start flossing and brushing right after dinner before you go to bed.

Adding even one step more to your routine can do a lot to improve your oral hygiene. Eventually, you should work up to brushing and flossing twice a day or after every meal, including mouth washing and annual professional cleanings/examinations with a dentist.

Can Poor Oral Hygiene Cause Dark Gums?

If you do not practice good oral hygiene, you can suffer a lot of consequences, but is it the cause of dark gums? It definitely can be. If you do not take care of your oral health, you are putting yourself at risk for more than an aesthetic issue.

Gum disease is what causes the gums to darken. With gum disease comes a lot worse than dark gums. Your teeth can become loose and fall out if you let gum disease go untreated. It may start with bleeding and discolored gums, but soon you may have to think about getting fitted for false teeth.

If you are worried about your dark gums and you are not currently taking care of your teeth, you need to make improvements like the ones listed above.

Free Consultation with Our Beverly Hills Dentist

If you have concerns about your dark gums and you have been guilty of poor oral hygiene, we would be happy to help you. Our Beverly Hills dentist can help treat gum health concerns and also help you deal with dark gums. We have been helping the smiles of Beverly Hills for many years.

Give us a call today, and we will be happy to get you set up with a free consultation. We can treat your gum disease from long-term oral hygiene issues. We can also offer gum bleaching for dark gum issues.

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