Already offering personalized periodontal care, top Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Alex A. Farnoosh comments on the exciting results of this study to further customize treatment to his patients.
Beverly Hills, CA (May 2011) – Partnering with Interleukin Genetics Inc., The University of Michigan School of Dentistry is conducting the largest study ever conducted using genetics to predict the risk of gum disease. This study is revolutionary in that it can lead to more customized patient care and treatment. Past research has proven that genetics and gum disease risk are directly related and have even shown that those who suffer from low birth weight or heart disease have an increased risk of severe periodontal problems. The year-long study will examine the genetic information of at least 4,000 patients and combine the information with two prevalent risk factors of smoking and diabetes. Researchers will then examine the rates of tooth survival against the treatment plans of people over 15 years to see how those results correlate.
As a leading Beverly Hills periodontist, Dr. Farnoosh is excited about what this could mean to take preventive measures in fighting serious oral health problems. Dr. Farnoosh comments, “Gum disease is very serious when not treated and can lead to many other ailments associated with the gums and teeth. This study can better help me and other dental health professionals to customize treatment procedures and techniques for patients. I pride myself on offering the best and most advanced inpatient care and the results of this test may open new doors in combating gum disease.”
This genetic test will be available for use in dental practices and will be available in all states. This revolutionary test will also be available in New York, which is a benefit to achieve accurate results because of the high accreditation standards with regard to genetic testing that are in place in this state. Interleukin Genetics Inc. is hopeful that insurance companies will reimburse the test cost which is a benefit to the insurance company in that this research will diagnose gum disease risk early so that patients can prevent serious and costly gum disease treatment in the future. Dr. Farnoosh specializes in the treatment of periodontal diseases and states that, “Around 75% of adults in the United States are afflicted with a type of gum disease and of those individuals, and about 25% have the disease at moderate to serious levels. It is important to diagnose these cases at early stage of the disease and implement proper treatment. ”
Dr. Farnoosh, a celebrity periodontist in Beverly Hills and the founder of The Total Smile, has treated gum disease for over 25 years and recognizes that most patients should be proactive in checking often for gum disease problems. He recommends a preventive strategy via regular appointments to fight oral cancer and periodontal diseases.
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