According to Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a new study finds that gum and tooth wellness is directly related to an active and wholesome way of life and habits.
Beverly Hills, California (March 2011)—Top Beverly Hills periodontist and founder of The Total Smile ( Dr. Alex Farnoosh is recommending that patients should strive for overall health wellbeing not only to decrease the risk of many related health problems like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases but they may also maintain better oral health. Recent studies published in the August issue of the Journal of Periodontology have shown a direct correlation among people who practice good eating and fitness habits and those who have fewer incidences of severe periodontal problems. The study found that individuals able to achieve high levels of physical fitness and with low body mass index (BMI) scores considerably less incidences of serious gum disease.
Dr. Farnoosh states, “Almost eight out of 10 American adults over the age of 35 have some form of periodontal (gum) disease. Knowing the many benefits of eating well and exercising often, it is an added incentive to see that these habits can also lead to overall periodontal health. Poorly maintained teeth and gums can lead to severe Periodontitis resulting in painful mouth, tooth decay, mouth sores and eventually tooth loss. I want to make sure that my patients make overall health a priority to ensure that they avoid future debilitating health problems in addition to keeping their gums and teeth as healthy as they could be.”
A change in daily habits like adding an exercise routine to your day or choosing more wholesome foods can significantly increase your overall well-being and should become as routine as brushing and flossing daily. These simple steps can have a significant impact. It is also important to visit a periodontist often to better detect problems before they get worse. Dr. Farnoosh is committed to making sure his patients have the best prevention and care possible when it comes to their smiles. He is on the cutting edge of treatment procedures including advanced ways to treat gum disease including laser dentistry. Dr. Farnoosh is one of the few cosmetic dentists worldwide who offers unique specialized treatment for numerous dental conditions including gummy smile surgery and black gum treatment. His comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry – known as The Total Smile – requires all three elements of beautiful teeth, pleasant-looking gums, and appealing lips. This approach continues to help patients improve their smile, attractiveness, oral health, and self-confidence.
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